“I know how to write English, but I cannot speak it.”

“I know how to write English, but I cannot speak it.”

This is the phrase I have heard innumerable times in my life. Well being an ESL teacher I am going to tell you some very important points on how to speak English. Read the 4 mentioned ways very carefully.

Be confident

You don’t have to be scared, stop thinking that people are judging you. Stop feeling embarrassed after you speak the wrong form of verb or the wrong sequence of the sentence. We are humans, not machines, so we are bound to make mistakes.


Buy a grammar book or start visiting a website which provides English grammar rules. I have heard people saying that it is not necessary to learn the tenses, just imagine driving a car without knowing about the gears. So I suggest you to memorize the 12 tenses of English language, both active and passive voice.

Increase your exposure

Read English newspapers, sing English songs, listen to English songs, watch English movies and write articles in English. Do everything which is somehow or the other related to English. You could also befriend a native speaker of English and speak or chat over the internet.


Don’t get disappointed

Don’t expect to speak correct and fluent English in 1 or 2 months. All those people who claim to make you speak in 1 or 2 months are making false claims. They can give you guidance, but at the end it is your effort which really matters. Keep speaking English without getting disappointed and in some time you would be able to speak good English, and if you carry on the process English will keep on improving.

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