Learn English tenses

Learn English tenses

There are 12 tenses in the English language. You cannot English tenses unless you memorize the rules of the English tenses. Some people say that we can learn English without learning the English tenses, but it is not true. You will have to learn all the English tenses in order to learn proper English. English tenses are in active voice and passive voice. There are 12 English tenses in the active, and there are 8 English tenses in the passive voice. We normally use active in our speech whereas we tend to use the passive voice in our writing. You should first try to cover the 12 English tenses in the active voice and then you should go for the 8 tenses in the passive voice. You should not have mistakes while writing or speaking the English tenses in active and passive voice. All the tenses are provided in this website, and it will help you learn English in a very simple way. So, do not waste your time and start learning English.

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