IELTS Speaking module

IELTS Speaking module

In the last article I described you the IELTS speaking module, but in this article I am going to give you some really useful tips to score a good band on the IELTS speaking module.

No accent

The examiner does not expect you to have an American or Canadian accent. You just have to be understandable. Most of the people do not score good on the IELTS speaking section because they tend to concentrate on the accent a lot. No matter how much you try to speak in an American accent, you would fail miserably. So, instead of screwing your whole conversation you should to try speak correct English.

Keep it simple

I know you can be more expressive in your native language and you feel irritated when you cannot express the same things while speaking, but you will have to stop being expressive. You are not going to be awarded marks for speaking long and confusing sentences. Keep you sentences simple and do not use unnecessary vocabulary words.

Tell a lie

If the examiner asks you about a recent visit to a museum then you will have to describe it even if you did not go there. If you will say that you did not go there they will assume that you are reluctant to speak English

Interviewer will not kill you

The interviewer will not kill you even if you say the wrong things. People score badly on the IELTS speaking section because they are afraid of the interviewer. Believe me that the interviewer has more problems than you but still he or she is smiling, so please try to smile while you are in the speaking module. Try to have a normal conversation; do not talk a like robot who has memorized the entire conversation by heart


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  1. Nimo says:

    My main problem is that I speak very fast and I use very long sentences.probably that’s why I got 6 in my last speaking test. I need to get a 7 . I got a 7 in all other sections. How can I improve my speaking

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