IELTS Speaking best 15 tips for Band 7

1.English Grammar

This is the most important thing in the speaking section of the IELTS exam. Many people think that they just have to speak and they can ignore the grammar rules, but this is a wrong idea. You can never get more than 4.5 band if you speak the wrong sentences. You should know when to use which tense. IELTS examiner does not directly test the tenses because they expect you to know them as all these tenses are taught in class 2 and 3. If you are thinking of taking the IELTS exam without knowing your tenses then you should prepare yourself for the Band 4.5 or lower.

2.Stress and Unstress








Helping verbs




You have to apply the stress rule while speaking English. Your English might be better than your classmate, but the IELTS examiner is not going to compare your English with the person sitting beside. In fact they are going to compare your English to a native speaker of English language. You can watch the videos of to understand this rule in a much better way.

3.Speak clearly

Do not adopt a fake accent and do not mumble. The examiner will understand when you are trying to adopt a fake accent. There are some people who start speaking English as if they are in a race. All these people say the wrong things and they are not able to connect their ideas in a correct manner. Please refrain from this kind of activity. You will not even be able to speak you native language in a proper way if you speaking so quickly.

4.Be confident

Show the examiner that you are confident. Do not be shy. Shy people often speak less and they end up getting a low score. You will have to be talkative and you will have to engage the examiner into a good conversation.

5.Never say NO

You cannot say no, that means that if the examiner asks you to talk about magazines you cannot tell the examiner that you have never read a magazine. Even if you have never read a magazine you will have to make it up. You will have to think about any magazine you can even make up an imaginary magazine and tell about it to the examiner.

6.Speak English

You should try to speak English with your friends and family. If you do not have a friend or family member who can speak English, find a person who can speak English. You can find many people on yahoo groups. You should also think in English. We all talk to ourselves so when you are making some plans try to talk to yourself in English.

7.Keep smiling

Everyone likes the people who smile. I am not saying that they would be biased and they would give you extra marks for smiling. It is just better to be smiling rather than being sad or angry. I know that it would be really difficult for you to smile in these kinds of situations, but you should try to do it.

8.Describe things

You should have the ability to describe things. If the examiner asks you about your favorite car you should simple day “Toyotta Corolla” You should say “My favorite car is Toyotta Corolla. I love the Black color, actually my father was going to buy a car last month and I advised him to buy Corolla, it is really nice.

9.Similar words

The most common problem amongst people is that people forget the words while they are speaking English. In order to overcome this problem the speaker should have at least 3 similar words for teach word he speaks. By learning the similar words the candidate will never stop while speaking English. FET SYSTEM and PACANS has provided an excellent exercise for the practice of similar words in which the students are required to write a similar word for a word in 4 seconds and a 90-word list has to be completed in 6 months giving each word 4 seconds.

10.Do not argue

You should not argue with the examiner on a certain point. You are not taking the exam to convince the examiner. You are just taking the test to prove your English proficiency.

11.Stop being nervous

The only thing which will decrease your band is your nervousness. The more nervous you will get the lower band you will get. You should not be so much nervous because the examiner is not going to beat you say the wrong thing. As a matter of fact the person who would be asking you the questions would be very polite.

12.Say complete sentences

One-word answers will not help you get a good score. You will have to speak complete sentences and you should also have the ability to join two sentences by the use of conjunctions. It would be a good idea to buy an English Grammar book.

13.Do not say the truth

What will you do it the IELTS examiner asks you to speak on museum when you have not even been to one?

You will have to make a story. You might have not visited a museum, but I am sure that you must have heard of a museum from a friend or you must have watched a movie in which a museum was shown. You will have to add all your experiences in the answer which you want to give.


14.Answer all the questions

You should not ask the examiner to skip the question. You may ask the examiner to repeat the question which he or she said, but you are not allowed to skip the question.

15.Watch English movies

You should watch a lot of English movies. You should try to watch 1 movie every day. The movie will help you learn new words and you will also be familiarized with the way Americans or Canadians speak. If you do not understand the words they are saying you also have an option of putting on the subtitles in English language.

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  1. Arka Das says:

    If someone does all the above things properly but moves a bit out of the topic then how much will that matter in scoring?

  2. says:

    I think the problem most people have is they have lost connection when they are in front of the examiner. They have lost connectivity and ideas.

  3. Kaibo says:

    It is a pity that people like me have poor English.

  4. Muhammad Wasib says:

    very helpful and worthwhile tips

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    Really helpful

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