English tenses

English tenses

It is very important to know the tenses in the English language. Most of the ESL learners find ways to learn English without learning the tenses, but it is impossible to do so. Tenses are the first step towards learning English. If you do not know the tenses then your mind is always confused, and whenever you write or speak a sentence in English you are not sure if the words which you utter are right or wrong.

Most of the English is concerned with the 12 tenses of active voice.

  • Present simple tense
  • Present continuous tense
  • Past simple tense
  • Past continuous tense
  • Future simple tense
  • Future continuous tense
  • Present perfect tense
  • Present perfect continuous tense
  • Past perfect tense
  • Past perfect continuous tense
  • Future perfect tense
  • Future perfect continuous


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