IELTS Essay: Nuclear Weapons Have Made This World Safe to Live

Nuclear Weapons Have Made This World Safe to Live

If we carefully analyze Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, every human being living in this world needs safety and security for his loved ones and for himself, just after their basic necessity of eating and other physical needs have been fulfilled. Initially, humans were afraid of different animals and with the passage of time, as humans became modern they became afraid of their fellow humans. This happened due to the human character of ruling human on other humans and enjoying might is right situation. History is full of these examples that how humans ruled other humans and how they exercised their brutality on others. How they killed others just for his safety.

Initially swords were the primary weapons with human beings for their safety, but as human civilization proceeded so was the weapon technology and introduction of sulphur changed the weapons and their capacity of destruction, further when nuclear weapons were invented by human beings, they were named as weapon of mass destruction. History shows that how USA dropped two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities in World War II. And how much destruction they caused to the cities and humans.

Let’s see how nuclear weapons work; it is continuous process in which atomic particles are converted in to huge amount of energy with the bombardment of protons. The process is called Nuclear Fusion process and the place where this process takes place is called Nuclear Reactor. If the fusion goes wrong hazardous nuclear radiations emitted that cause’s terrible impact on human life.

If we think optimistically we can use this huge amount of energy in some constructive ways, instead of become a part of nuclear weapons assortment race. We can generate cheap electricity, and this could contribute to economic development.

Now if we look at our territory, keeping nuclear weapons is mandatory for us, it is cause of balance of power. Not all the time weapons are bad but for some reasons they are necessary for our own safety. We have to notify our enemy about our powers so that he may think twice before taking any step towards us.

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