Should individuals be responsible for improving the environment, or should it be the responsibility of governments and large companies?

Should individuals be responsible for improving the environment, or should it be the responsibility of governments and large companies?

In the past few decades, proliferation is seen in the environmental problems. As they have detrimental effect on our lives, it is need of the hour to control these issues. Although government is responsible to make laws and legislations, I vehemently believe that it is the responsibility of the individuals to protect the environment, and to ameliorate the current condition.

To begin with, the major cause of environmental pollution is the contamination of natural resources. Because people dump waste on the ground, throw garbage in water, and pollute the air by burning substances that emit harmful gases, our surroundings have become impure. If humans do not stop their actions that pollute the environment, it will become impossible to survive.

To add more, the smoke from factories and the vehicles has resulted in long term health effects including severe respiratory diseases. Moreover, the depletion on ozone layer is due to the excessive release of environmentally unhealthy gases. The human activity has resulted in disruption of food chain. Thus, if these activities are not controlled, it will be highly impossible for the government to implement their policies for improving the environmental condition.

First, the humans should be aware of the problem, and the ways to control it. Since we need a clean and green world, every individual must focus on tree plantation. When the people will get to know the significance of tree plantation, they will be highly motivated to grow more plants wherever it is possible. For example, they can green up their lawns. A recent study reveals that a third of world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. If we minimise the usage of toxic chemicals, and prevent the disposal of harmful substances in water, it will be easier to overcome this issue.

What is more, eco-friendly products should be used to avoid further damage to the environment. Reuse of materials not only helps us in saving money, but also protects our surroundings from excessive garbage disposal. For instance, a survey conducted by the students of National University corroborated the notion that if people begin to reuse and recycle the waste materials, there will be a rapid decline in environmental pollution.

To recapitulate, if all points are contemplated, we can easily reach to a conclusion that humans are responsible for contaminating the environment, so they should focus on its improvement. Although the collaborative efforts of government and people can result an a rapid amelioration, every individual should be consider him or herself responsible. If the humans do not take part in the protection of natural resources, and cleanliness of environment, the policies made by the government will fail.



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