IELTS Sample Essay for Band 7

Researches done in different fields have their own set of standards; experiments in science are also liable to some principles.  When a common man refers to research they signify something that follows specific steps to get results.  Scientific community around the globe have made easy this concept by dividing into two major areas which are “Pure” and “Applied” research.  Applied research is more common today in sciences like medicine, biology, physiology and education.  Most researchers in variety of fields such as educational institutions, military, hospitals, consumer products involve the use of animals from all species as fish, rodents, monkeys, cats, dogs, and birds conduct various tests and results help in finding solutions for human diseases especially life threatening, advancement in knowledge, household products and cosmetics.  Such methods have been in use for more than two hundred centuries now.

Scientists claim that experimentation on animals has been helpful in estimating and generating results but animal lovers claiming that animals have feelings like humans think the other way.  Scientists argue that experimentation has benefitted in founding theories about behavior such as Ian Pavlov’s Classical conditioning, explaining DNA structure and finding cure for early epidemics as cholera, measles and malaria.  Today, ninety percent of countries are using animals.  Animal lovers, however, say that such testing places the non-humans under a lot of pain as well as torture.  They get threatened, lonely, scream but cannot run away as ultimately they would be killed.  People from animal organizations such as PETA, that is, “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” are now proclaiming plus trying to protect animal rights.  For more than twenty years now, these organizations and scientists both are actively advertising their cause through media along with social campaigns.  Results show awareness among the ordinary man and difference of views.

Both groups have reached state and government offices demanding relevant laws acceptable to both.  Indeed, animal protection acts and scientific guidelines such as the “Three R’s” have been provided but the conflict is getting intense.  Countries like India, China, Netherlands and UK have made an effort to stop animal testing and have already banned.  Non-animal testing procedures are being devised.  Certainly animal testing is helpful in finding cure however it should be done within set rules to reduce or if possible prevent the pain.

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