IELTS Speaking Topic Part 2: Favorite Person

Favorite Person
• What do you like about the person?
• Tell about the achievements of the person?
• How has the person affected your life?

I have met a lot people in this world, and I have mostly not liked the people I have met. I personally feel that it is very difficult to consider a person as your favorite person as, we as human being keep on changing our opinion.

There is a person in this world who I consider to be my favorite person in the world. My favorite person is Mr. James
James is a very successful businessman in Canada. I met him for the first time when I was studying in Canada. He came to my college to deliver a lecture about business management, and since then I formed a unique kind of bond with him.

After the lecture I developed a relationship with him which ultimately resulted in our friendship and I came to know about his life. He started his business roughly 9 years ago and now he is a well established businessman. He had only $100 in his pocket for the first time he started the business and now he has a net worth of $ 100 million. Besides adding the zeroes he also contributed a lot of towards the educational industry.

Before meeting this person I used to come up with all kinds of excuses for not working, but after meeting him I realized that when a person wants to do something by the grace of God he gets all the strength to do it. I used to leave my work to the next day, but after meeting James I realized that there is no next day, we should try to complete everything now. I started organizing my life and now I can say that I am managing my life in a good way. He affected my life in a very positive way and now I can easily say that he is good person and motivator for me.

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