Free IELTS sample Band 6.5: Keep forests or cut them

Most of the people in the developing countries are living a life of distress. Developing countries are the countries which are in the process of developing and they are unable to provide the basic necessities to the people of their country. There are many NGOs and environmental agencies which aim to keep forests rather than using these lands for crops, but I strongly believe that it is not a viable demand. I think that forests should be cut so that the land could be used for growing crop which would facilitate the people directly.

A human being needs the following three things: food, shelter and water. If the country or government fails to provide these three things then the situation of the country would get miserable. It is good to protect the environment but it should be done after providing the necessities to the people. I would have supported to keep the forests if they were to be replaced by parks, but in this case I am adamant on this issue because every person needs these things. There are many other ways to protect the environment but there no other ways to safeguard the rights of people.

Most of the people in this world eat meat, whereas they can easily live by eating vegetables. We do tests on animals to test a medicine. The kinds of tests might also be fatal for the animal, but we still do it because we want to make the necessary arrangements for our survival. I think when we are doing all these efforts to survive then cutting the forests would also be a justified decision.

Forests might benefit us, but what is the point of keeping forest when at least 50% of the population is dying of starvation. Forests give us fresh air and they very important for a region, but if the forests are using up the land which might feed some people then I consider it to sheer injustice

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