3 things to do in college

1. Study

Accept it or not you will have to do a real job after you are done with your college, so in order to get a good job you will have to prove your skills and the only way employers analyse your skills is by looking at your academic achievements. So if you get good grades you will get a good job and in order to get good grades you need to study.

study = good grades ;  good grades = good job ; study = good job


2. Meet new people

If you are studying in a college located in North America or Europe you are expected to meet new people from around the globe. By meeting new people you will get to know their beliefs and cultures, which will build tolerance. By making friends with people around the world you will become a much better human being.


3. Have FUN

One thing you should never forget to do in college is to “PARTY”. Remember this phase of your life is never going to return again; therefore you should enjoy it utmost. It does not matter even if you do some wacky things over the weekend, other than that you could go on field trips and do all other fun stuff.

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