IELTS Speaking Test Topic: First day at college

First day at college
• Name of college and course
• What difficulties did you encounter?
• How did you feel in the end?

I had taken admission in the Business marketing course at Fanshawe College and I was all set to go to the college. My first day at college was very tough. I knew nothing about the city so when I sat in the bus to go to my college I reached the wrong place. I reached my college after 3 hours and I missed my classes.

I was an international student so I had to report to the International office. The place was cramped with international students who were trying to get information about their classes and courses. I had to wait for a long time and finally my turn came. I am not saying that the college staff was not helpful; it is just that anxiety was creating more confusion as I was going through this process for the first time.

You would not believe that I was not even able to find my class for 2 hours and then I realized that my class was just near the international office. A lot of weird and stupid things were happening on that day, but some good things also happened in the end.

Luckily, I was able to find my class and I attended the last lecture. Last lecture was about Principles of Marketing and I had great interest in this subject. I also met a girl who was sitting right beside me and we became very good friends as the time progressed. I feel that most of the students do not have good memories of the first day at college because there are so many unanswered questiosn but as the time progresses college becomes a second home for most of the people.

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