IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: Your lucky number

Your lucky number
What is your lucky number?
Why do you regard it as your lucky number?
Why do people believe in lucky numbers?

There was a time when I never used to believe in lucky numbers, but something happened in my life which led me in to believing that these lucky numbers exist. My lucky number is 4 and you would be amazed to find that why I regard it to be my lucky number.

I went to Toronto in 2006 and I took part in a lottery. The number which I was allotted was 4. First I used to think all these lotteries and the numbers where just meant to fool people, but I understood the truth after I won the lottery prize money of $ 10,000. It was such a good feeling because when we get a reward without any effort it feels very good. I do believe in lucky numbers, but over reliance on the numbers may also put a person in a very big problem. Sometimes people even stop working just because they have complete belief on the numbers and they think that the numbers will help them be successful in life.
I think that people believe in lucky numbers for different reasons. Some people are born on a certain dates and that forces them to regard that number as their lucky number and some people regard a certain number to be their lucky number because they might have gained any benefit because of that number. I have seen people relying on numbers in order to make some vital decisions of their life. I think that it is everyone in this world has the liberty to think the way he or she thinks.

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