How will I pass the ACCA exams?

“I have an ACCA exam in 1 month, and I have not studied anything.”

Don’t worry at least 80% of the students don’t study until the last month before the exam.

I have the answer to this question, just follow these 3 steps.

1. Study a lot

If you did not study for the exam earlier that means you will have to put extra effort in order to pass the exam. You should study for at least 6-7 hours every day.

2. Revision kits

An excellent way to revise for the ACCA exam is to buy the revision kit of the exam you are attempting. These revision kits give you a very good idea of what the real exam looks like.

3. Revision notes

It is absolutely insane to read a 600-page book in the last 1 month. So what should you do?

I am not suggesting selective study either, so what’s the solution?

The solution is that you should go find some revision notes, ask your friends or the teacher for the revision notes. There are some very good websites which are providing these revision notes for free.


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