IELTS Speaking Part 3: Influences on the young (Sample Questions and Answers)

Influences on the young

19. What type of people influence the young in your country?

Young people are greatly influenced by their teachers as they spend a lot of time with them. Furthermore, young people get influenced by people in the entertainment industry. I have seen a lot of young people following the fashion trends of musicians and actors.

20. Why it is important to have role models?

Some people are clueless about their lives and they want some inspiration in their lives. Role models can provide them the motivation they are lacking in themselves. Also, role models can give them confirmation that if they work, they would surely achieve success.

21. Do you think the education system in your country influences young people’s behavior?

Unfortunately, the education system in my country does nothing to influence the behavior of young people. There are absolutely no subjects which teach young people to behave in a cordial or ethical manner. As a matter of fact, those who are more educated in my country tend to be more ill-mannered than those who are less educated.

22. What type of person (parents, teachers, friends etc) is best to influence young people’s behavior?

As far as influencing young people is concerned, I believe that parents are the best to influence the young people’s behavior. Parents are primary caregivers and they can inculcate good habits and behavior in their children. Teachers can also play an imperative role in influencing the behavior of young people.

23. What do you think young people will be most influenced by it the future?

I think in the future young people would be most influenced by celebrities. Most young people are completely obsessed with the idea of following these young people.

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