IELTS Writing topics- Old workers and New workers in industry Band 6.5

This kind of essay will get a 6.5 band in the IELTS exam

Is it wise for an industry to replace its experienced but old workers with new and young experience less individuals? Give your views in not less than 250 words.

Workers play a vital role in the development of an industry. Industries are run by entrepreneurs who have the main aim of earning profit. As the years are progressing the new and young workers are replacing the old and experienced workers. I think this is a good thing. I strongly agree that it is wise to replace the young workers with the old workers. These are the reasons for my opinion: the industries are changing, new ideas are required and the young experience should be given a chance.

The industries are changing dramatically nowadays. About 50 years ago most of the industries in my country were run manually. For instance, the production was done by the workers, but now most of the production is done with the help of machines. The old and experienced workers had the know-how about the old production methods, but unfortunately those methods are no longer applicable these days. Their experience is of no value as most of the industries have abandoned the old production methods.

It is very difficult to find a job is today’s economy. The financial crisis has disturbed the lives of millions of people. People complete their education and hope to find a job, but they end up being unemployed. It is very important to give new jobs to the young workers in our society. If these people are not given the jobs then they might indulge themselves into unlawful activities which would harm the society as a whole. If the young workers are deprived of their rights then they will have to live an arduous and troubled life.

Some people argue that even if the old production methods are not being used, the old workers can still play a significant role in the industry. This is a valid point, but we should not forget that an industry needs a workforce which is vibrant and young. We may grant management positions to the old workers, so that they may advise the company or industry or strategic matters but the workforce must be young and energetic.

I have discussed the industry in my country and some people might not agree with my opinion, but if you take a general view at this situation then you would agree with my point and acknowledge the fact that the young workers have more to offer to the industry.

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