IELTS Speaking Part 3: Sports (Sample Questions and Answers)


33. What types of sports are popular in your country?

In my country, people are crazy about cricket. Also, there are many people who could be considered at football enthusiasts.

34. What are the benefits of playing a sport?

There are 3 main benefits of playing a sport. Playing a sport can keep a person physically fit. Moreover, playing a sport can make a person perform in a team as most games are having multiple players. Lastly, by playing a sport, a person ends up being more tolerant.

35. Do you think the types of sport that are popular will change in the future?

Currently, the most popular game in my country is cricket. However, in the future, people would be more towards playing football.

36. How can sports bring people from different countries closer together?

Most sports are played in stadiums, so people from different countries come to the stadiums to support their countries. When Pakistan went to play in India, my uncle went to India to support the team. After going to India, he came to know about the culture of India, and he was also able to make some friends there.

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