IELTS Speaking Part 3: Education (Sample Questions and Answers)


6. How are education priorities today different from those in the past?

I believe people have now acknowledged how imperative education is. Most people are trying to pursue higher education and even adults are going towards adult education.


7. What is your opinion on the way languages are taught in schools?

Although languages are taught in a good way in schools, new methods could be adopted to improve the learning experience of the students. These days, languages are usually taught through books. However, the languages can be taught through videos and tutorials.


8. How can the type of school you go to affect career success?

A good school can ensure that a student becomes well aware of the concepts, which can be implemented in their practical lives. Moreover, a good school can inculcate discipline in the students which is necessary in life.


9. What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?

In the near future, we would be having digital classrooms. Teachers and students would be relying on technology more. For instance, there would be more computers in the classroom. Also, I believe that there would be fewer students in the classroom because most parents believe that there should not be more than 15 students in a class as it provides a better learning experience for the student.

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