IELTS Essay: Children reading comics. IELTS Band 6.5

If you would like to explain comics in simple words you would say that comics are the books which provide funny jokes about cartoon characters. Comics have become an integral part of a teenager’s life. Comics have 2 main features in them: one is the picture part and the other is the visual part. Comics depict stories which can easily be understood by the reader. I agree with the statement that comics have rotten the minds of children.

Most of the comics use abusive language in their script. This kind of language exposes the children to the ugly world. This abusive language is often heard from the children who read these comics. Another impact which these comics have on the children is that these comics also use slang words. Slang words are the words which are not used in the proper English grammar and they are used outside the language.

There is also strong perception that comics are for the reluctant reader. Comics tend to provide the entire story with the aid of pictures which does not allow the reader to develop his or her imagination. The bad effects of this procedure can be seen the later life of a child when he or she is unable to write a good essay or dissertation.

Some people buy comics for their children and I think that they have every right to buy these for their children but, I do not think that comics help children in learning anything. Comics may be used for entertainment purposes, but they will never educate the children. I remember that one of my cousins used to read comics when he was a child and ever since then he has not scored well in his comprehension exam. He is so used to pictures that he complains his passages to be really tedious.

Children have every right to read comics but they should be read in their leisure time and they should not replace the novels because the novels help the children to develop their language skills and the novels also educate the children.



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