IELTS Actual Speaking Test Questions for 17th August


  • What do you do? Are you a student or a worker?
  • Do you think you have to work hard sometimes in your studies?
  • Do you work at home?
  • What kind of work you do at home usually? like washing, cleaning etc
  • Which work you don’t like to do at home? Why?
  • Did you work around a home as a child?
  • Do you think children should work at home? Why?
  • Which transport do you use?
  • Why don’t you use public transport?
  • How you can improve the public transport?
  • Describe a game, not sport ; you liked to play as a child?
  • Which game?
  • Where you used to play?
  • With whom you usually played?
  • Why you enjoyed that game?
  • Do you think children now play different games then the time when you was a child?
  • Do you think children should play outdoor games?
  • You mentioned the mental fitness, how is it by playing outdoor games?
  • Do you think people should build leisure activity area in large residents?
  • Do you think Government should build leisure areas for public?

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