English Scrambled Sentences: Exercise 1

Write the following questions in the correct sequence.

  1. Boy, the, in, ice-cream, was, eating, park, the.
  2. Burgers, ate, the, fat, man.
  3. English, studying, were, children.
  4. At, her, children, woman, was, shouting.
  5. His, bag, he, brought.
  6. Tall, man, very, fast, the, ran
  7. Doing, homework, been, have, I, my.
  8. Has, completed, Mr. John, homework, his.
  9. Sandwich, gave, child, the, to, mother.
  10. Movies, dramas, I, like, and.
  11. Tomorrow, you, meet, will, I.
  12. Homework, done, had, I my.
  13. Have, a, pen, I.
  14. Tomorrow, might, come, we.
  15. People, insult, should, we, not.
  16. Pizzas, like, not, do, we.
  17. Dubai, not, did, go, we, to.
  18. Have, homework, done, my, will, I.
  19. Watching, tomorrow, a, will, be, I, movie.
  20. French, studying, am, I.

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One Responseto “English Scrambled Sentences: Exercise 1”

  1. arwa says:

    1. The Boy was eating ice-cream in the park.
    2. The fat man ate Burgers.
    3. Children were studying English.
    4. At woman was shouting her children.
    5. He brought his bag.
    6. The Tall man ran very fast.
    7. I doing my homework have been.
    8. Mr. John has completed his homework.
    9. The mother gave Sandwich to child.
    10. I like movies and dramas.
    11. I will meet you tomorrow.
    12. I had done my homework.
    13. I have a pen.
    14. We might come tomorrow.
    15. We should not insult people.
    16. We do not like pizzas.
    17. We did not go to Dubai.
    18. I will have done my homework.
    19. I will be watching a movie tomorrow.
    20. I am studying French.

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