IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay no.1

Some people believe that only pupils of similar interests should be given admissions in schools.Others are of the opinions that schools should be open to all children with varied interests. How far you agree or disagree with the above views. Give your opinion in not less than 250 words.


Students take admission in a school to acquire skills and knowledge. School acts as a resource house of providing education and information to the children. Every person in this world has a different way of thinking and perceiving the world. Similar is the case in the schools where people of varied interests are inducted in to different courses.

Some people believe that schools should only give admission to the students with similar interest, but I think otherwise. I contemplate that it is incessant for the schools to provide admission to students with varied interest. This will help students become versatile and it will make them well aware of all the fields of the world. There are people who normally associate cooking and fashion designing to girls and economics to boys, but this is not the case. Students eventually realize that their preferences change over the years and it would be in their best interest to keep their options open.

Giving admission to the students can also have some benefits for the students. For instance the students would be able to concentrate on the specific subject which he or she wants to pursue in his later life. As the other students have the same course preference it would be easier for the student to communicate and exchange vital information. These students would be focusing on the same area which would easily lead to synergy.

There are some people who stress on the idea that universities are following this model and the same model should be adopted by the school, but according to opinion it is not practical. Schools are the place where the student sped the initial years of his life and he or she does not know what degree or profession to pursue. In this case it would be rather unjustified to deprive the students of getting knowledge of all the subjects.

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