IELTS Speaking Topic Part 2:A musical instrument you like

A musical instrument you like
• Which musical instrument can you play?
• Did you get training for it?
• How do you feel after playing it?

I am very good at playing the piano and I regard it as my favorite musical instrument. When I was a child I was really inspired by the guitar because I thought it was for boys, but when I played it I did not like. My finger used to hurt a lot whenever I used to play the guitar, I thought trying something else. I bought the piano with the money I had received on my birthday. It was not a very expensive piano, but it still has all the good features which one would expect in a good piano.

I did not get any training for the piano. I used to spend 3 to 4 hours on the piano and I used to try to play some tunes. For the first 2 weeks I was not successful, but as the time progressed I started learning it. It would not be wrong to say that I did not take any help from anywhere because I used to watch some free online piano tutorials on youtube
There is also a website by the name of which has a lot of articles to help the amateur piano learners. This is a very famous website because it has a lot of music videos of new singers.

I feel so good after playing the piano that I cannot even describe it in words. I mostly like to play the tune of my favorite song and I also sing while I am playing the song. Sometimes I do commit some mistakes and that is the most irritating part, but the people who practice it well never make these kinds of mistakes.

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