Tenses Practice exercise (Solved)

Mark the following as True or False (Solved)

  1. When we have to tell about daily routine we talk in the present simple tense. (T)
  2. “Not” always comes after the helping verb. (T)
  3. We should use present simple tense for something which is occurring right now.(F)
  4. “ She does not brings book” is a correct sentence.(F)
  5. For (I, We, They , You and She) we always put s after the verb in a positive sentence.(F)
  6. The sequence of active voice sentence is ( verb+object+subject). (F)
  7. Verb is the person who does the action. (F)
  8. Object is another name for subject. (F)
  9. We never put “s” after the object. (F)
  10. We put “ing” in the present simple tense. (F)

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