Table of 12 English Tenses-active voice



Simple       sentence

Negation   sentence

Interrogative sentence

Simple present tense

I eat food.

I do not eat food.

Do I eat food?

Present continuous tense

I am eating food.

I am not eating food.

Am I eating food?

Past simple tense

I ate food.

I did not eat food.

Did I eat food?

Past continuous tense

I was eating food.

I was not eating food.

Was I eating food?

Present perfect simple

I have eaten food.

I have not eaten food.

Have I eaten food?

Present perfect continuous

I have been eating food.

I have not been eating food.

Have I been eating food?

Past perfect

I had eaten food.

I had not eaten food.

Had I eaten food?

Past perfect continous

I had been eating food.

I had not been eating food.

Had I been eating food?

Simple future tense

I will eat food.

I will not eat food.

Will I eat food?

Future continuous tense

I will be eating food.

I will not be eating food.

Will I be eating food?

Future perfect tense

I will have eaten food.

I will not have eaten food.

Will I have eaten food?

Future perfect continuous tense

I will have been eating food.

I will not have been eating food.

Will I have been eating food?


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