Studying for exams

Studying for exams

Studying for exams is a very hard task. No matter how much you study, you always feel something has been left.  Teachers claim that if a student attends every class it is easier to prepare for exams. This notion is true to some extent, but I think that a person has to study a lot before the exam, even if he/she attends every class.

There are many ways to study or prepare for an exam.

1. Individual study

2. Group study

3. Online study


Individual study

Individual study is when a person studies the books or concepts on his or her own. Students normally do the individual study in their rooms. The advantage of individual study is that a student is able to concentrate more. The disadvantage is that the student is unable to discuss problems with other people.

Group study

Group study is when a group of students decide to study for an exam together. They decide a place and meet there. The library is often chosen for group study. The advantage of group study is that the problems are discussed and solved at the very moment. The disadvantage of group study is that the students don’t usually spend that time socializing rather than studying.

Online study

Online study is when a student uses the internet for the revision or preparation of exams. The student does the online study from his or her laptop. The advantage of online study is that there are free revision notes and lectures available on the internet for almost all subjects. The disadvantage of online study is that the information might be wrong as someone might answer the questions wrongly.






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