You won’t fail the GCSE exams

GCSE/IGCSE study plan for students

Hey Guys!

How are things going?

I know most of you would have answered, “We are in hell and you also go to hell”.

It’s ok to be nervous because the GCSE/IGCSE exams are approaching.

Follow this study plan, and I hope you would do fine.

1.  Study more

You will have to study at least 9-10 hours every day. That pretty much means the whole day, but remember to give yourself some leisure time as you don’t want to end up totally exhausted.

2. Past paper questions

Try to do maximum number of questions which are available in your books and past papers. You can get the sample past papers from the University of Cambridge (International Examination) website.

3. Not the whole book

Alright, now don’t start reading the whole book from the start. You will end up failing all your exams, because you won’t be able to give time to other GCSE/IGCSE subjects. You should find some revision notes.

“YOU WILL GET AN A GRADE”. Have a good sleep and breakfast before the exam and you will do just fine.


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