IELTS Speaking topic: Chair


Describe a chair?

Chair is an object which has 4 legs, a back and a seat. There are many kinds of chair in the world.

How important is a chair in your life?

Chair has played a very important role in my life. I remember that the first thing which I saw on my first day at school was a chair. Chair has been in my life since then. The types of chairs have over the years but chair have remained in my life. In school I used sit on a wooden chair, in college I used to sit on a plastic chair and now as I am in my professional life, I get to sit on comfortable chairs.

Do you prefer chair over a sofa?

I certainly prefer chair over sofa. When I was a child, I had to study a lot and whenever I sat on a sofa I slept instantly. I was advised by my cousin to sit on a chair while studying, and since then I have done most of my important tasks in life by sitting on a chair.

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