TOEFL Sample Essay

Start with the peace, the word peace looks very dull now days because if we have a look on the world it looks like game of terrorist there is very less peace in the world. if we see it wildly every one fighting each other and one thing which is crucial and strange that every one fighting for peace.

The idea of treaties is somehow good for self defense for any country but it looks danger while maintaining peace in the world. Every one like the peace and really want to implement it in the world but no one ready to give sacrifice every one think that he can make peace rather than anyone else so everyone applying the idea of autonomous, that get in power rule the world in efficient manner and bring peace.

Whenever any country wants to become world power they make treaty to another country. The rule is that if we get attack the treaty country will also attack the opponent country. Sometime this idea for making peace become hurdle in the way to peace .Because due to this act world war come in to existence and peacefulness convert in to conflagration, it seems like reverse gear to peace moreover when ever war begins a lot causalities take place and the economy of hit country also effected and these all disaster leads to anti peace.

In the conclusion if there is no conflagration then harmony between people and even country will come in to existence! Every one want to make peace in this world but their approaches are wrong or somehow we can say that, the tools they use for peace actually harm it deficiently. If we abolish the rule of treaty from this world then the effects of war will be lesser and helpful for peace.

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