TOEFL Essay Now a day’s food has become easy to prepare, Has this way improved the way people to live?

Now a day’s food has become easy to prepare, Has this way improved the way people to live? Use specific response and examples to support your answer..

Foods have been heat-treated for many centuries, since our ancestors learned, by trial and error, to master fire for cooking purposes approx. 700,000 years ago, to modify the taste and preserve nutritional properties of foods. Humankind has undergone many changes in the eating habit from the period when it hunted for himself to era when it has become dependent on processed food.

Obviously, it has become easier to prepare nowadays. However, whether or not this change has improved people ‘lives are controversial. To begin with, preparation for food, now, is much easier than ever before. With the development of technology, there are more and more equipment which helps people cook a meal easily such as stoves, microwaves cooking, refrigerators. For my country for an example; rice is a dish which cannot be absent in our daily meals, and with electronic cookers, it is so easy to prepare that anyone can do it. All things he needs to do is put rice and water into the cooker and press a button, then it takes only about fifteen minutes to have a dish. Furthermore, there are more and more processed food or cooked food, and with those foods, to prepare a meal is becoming not only easier, but also faster. Take my favorite dish, noodle, for example, it is really simple to prepare:

I just have to put it into a bowl, add boiled water and wait for about five minutes before my meal is ready. This technological change makes the life of busy people more convenient. Instead of spending hours preparing food like people in the past, people can now have a meal ready in a short amount of time with the help of some special appliances and precooked foods. People can use the refrigerator to save time as they no longer need to go to the stores and buy ingredients all the time. In the past, they had to buy food every day because they could not store food in their homes for a long period of time. However, they can now buy enough food for a week without worrying about whether the food is going to spoil. This means that people have more time to work, relax or study.

Variety of food enabled people to choose, to eat more various dishes. As a result many people feel more comfortable and satisfied about choosing and preparing food. They can just pick up some processed, “ready-to-cook” or fast food in the supermarket and avoid spending few hours in the kitchen. So this way they can cook food easily while using less energy, and no messy cooking pots and pans to clean. But in reality the food we are eating nowadays is not healthy. The hormone enriched vegetables and meat that is on the rise to cater to our large demands. Artificial hormones are added to boost crop or meat production. But these hormones have detrimental effects on our body. Secondly, food manufacturing industries add all sorts of chemicals and preservatives to increase shelf life of food. Some of them may not be suitable for our body. Traditionally every ingredient that went into making of a dish was handpicked, so we were able to use the best and the freshest product. But, most foods in the stores may not be fresh. Also they may be processed to such an extent that their nutritional value would be far too low to meet the body’s demand. Junk food consumption is also on the rise nowadays owing to the ease of their preparation. But they have tremendous detrimental effect on the body.

They are one of the main causes of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, and they can lead to death eventually. If the consumption of such foods goes unmonitored, the average life span of most people would decrease. Thus, modern approach to prepare food may save us a little time at hand, but it does not guarantee our physical wellbeing. It’s important to know what goes into the food preparation that we are consuming and whether it’s good for our body or not. If we pay attention to what we eat and prepare it healthy, we can avoid falling sick.

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