Regarding speaking test 11th Oct , Mumbai,India

Message: Dear Sir,

In my speaking exam, my first part was good, but in seccond part i spoke little bit faster so i completed my cue card with in 1-1.25 minutes(around), so my examiner signed me to continue and i tried that but i could not link up properly with previous one. Additionally my third section was ok with 2-3 grammatical mistakes.

So, how much can I score in speaking ,need your suggestion regarding that.

In part 2:
> Describe any price you want to achieve.
> 1. What is that price?
> 2.How it would benifite you?

in part 1 my answers are pretty related and suitable.

In part 2 : I spoke about best employee award in my company. Different subcategories in this award like production, best improvement etc etc. and also i mentioned that it would benefit me while changing organisation
in future or for getting promoted. (This all took around 1 to 1.25 minutes)
After that she signed me to continue but I couldn’t linked it properly in
with previous.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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