IELTS Speaking module part 2

IELTS Speaking section 2

The IELTS Speaking module is going to last for 4 minutes. In the IELTS speaking module part 2 the examiner will give a task card to the candidate. The candidate will have some time to look at the task card and prepare his or her presentation. It is advised to the candidate to jot some notes so that he or she could prepare a better presentation.

The topic on the task card can be on anything. The candidate might have to tell about a museum even if the candidate has never visited a museum. IELTS teachers advise that the IELTS candidates should not stop until the examiner asks him to do so. If the candidate stops before 2 minutes then the examiner will assume that the candidate ran out of words, and was unable to convey the message in English.

Rating 3.50 out of 5

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