heard ten miles outside

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perhaps, the fans really need some special way to express his mind **.2:0!This time, Guo ice proud no longer in a daze, after a goal, he Shenbuyouzhu of his arms, respectively, along the high around 45 degrees in the direction held up, the roar rushed to the north of the Golden State Stadium the stands!Master!Yang Hua, Wang heavy travel Tiao ……… you home elders brothers …………You see that?I Guo ice proud did not live up to your expectations!Did not we Heilongjiang shame! I scored a goal!Fans in the north stands, although they are still on first viewing Guo ice proud to participate in the soccer match, but it is also important what? Connected to a two-goal striker arrived early for such a, on the outside render "encounters" Enter the Dragon "game, they have higher requirements?Applause!Cheers!Encouragement!From the mouth of the goal in the north stands, a steady stream of shouted out, slide down the Golden State as a whole stadium atmosphere, suddenly warm up the enthusiasm of all the hearts of the fans, even all GUO Bing proud to inspire out.Dalian team captain Zhang Peng, Dong, as well as the team's veteran Li Ming, Yan Song, etc., in the chase behind the off-ice proud Guo, have stopped down.That wearing jersey No. 9, standing there, loudly shouted, body exudes a unique anger, ** the back of the domineering, Dalian team, international, prospective players were suddenly found, in front of the hot temper, training crazy young people, really would like a tiger -No!Is Feng HuFootball, the original need **Man in front of him in the first game on behalf of the Dalian team had already ignited the hearts of all share **Such a person, how can he be successful?Vent their own **, Guo ice proud turned and walked toward the stadium, to meet a teammate enthusiasm to embrace and encourage.Unfinished, this guy turned and looked back, waving his right arm, <a href="http://www.jerseyauthentic.com/products/NFL-Jerseys-c169_p1.html">Nfl jerseys cheap</a>directed at the stands yelled out: "—-"Fans of the stage, and immediately respond to a string of huge cheer!Qi Wusheng late FIB, two in Chinese football has a high position of head coach at the same time feel the immediate burst of fuzzy. Looked that there is only one action, a shout, you can welcome a young boy of the fans cheering their hearts, suddenly give birth to a hope for Chinese football.From this young man's body, they saw the Chinese football a long absence – **!On the court, Wei Qun, Ou Yunnan Hongta team, but also on the proud Guo ice, this Dalian team on the 9th, unexpected produced a near-care care.For them, kicked a lifetime football to the older players of the 31-year-old about to bid farewell to the stadium, they would most like to see, nothing more than their younger, along their footsteps, beyond their own football career in China make a greater contribution. www.800yule.comAfter the race resumed, Yunnan Hongta morale dropped to the lowest point of the game, they no longer have any expectations.This kind of thinking led directly to the collapse of the defense system in Yunnan Hongta.Dalian actually seize the opportunity and scored two goals in ten minutes continuous.In the second half the twenty-sixth minute, ice proud Guo received half of Li's golf, ferry headed the ball into the left side of the Yunnan Hongta restricted area.Ice proud Guo and Dong Yunnan Hongta defensive focus completely pulled the right position to timely plug Peng, in the case of unguarded foot Nushe – broke!3:0!The game, fans in Dalian no any luxury.Score, three-ball win over the hearts ** vent, let them get the greatest satisfaction.Guo ice proud but this guy happens to have called these fans excited to the inability to cry, his voice dry dumb relinquishAfter just nine minutes, Guo proud of ice outside the restricted area received a teammate pass, with his best Dianqiu unique skills, Dianqiu three consecutive fast lateral movement will personally come to man-mark him veteran Wei Qun, abruptly dumped two or three meters.Wei Qun looking odd looked Guo ice proud heart how to figure out this performance has been quite reckless, crazy proud Guo ice, how suddenly put the style is so tricky?However, <a href="http://www.savemallse.com">coach purses outlet</a>
he soon found that this kid was a real power-based players."BOOM!"Guo ice proud ball round round thigh kick in nausea, once again became a projectile!Two 17-meter distance, fleeting.The next moment, when all eyes once again to catch the ball when it has hit the ball inside the door of the Yunnan Hongta team online.The world's wave!Absolute world level of long-range4:0!This time, GUO Bing proud after scoring no drastic action, he just stood there and raised his own arms. As a patrol of its own vast territory, the expression of the proud king of his mind.Dalian fans of the home, broke a while enough people could be heard ten miles outside of Thunder cheering.The wave of cheers, a wave after wave.At this moment, all of the Dalian team members, even in the hearts of the players, Yunnan Hongta team, all have a right front of the still unfamiliar with the young kid, you want to pay homage to the impulse.In front of only Feng Hu, <a href="http://www.authenticjerseywholesaler.com"> nhl hockey jerseys</a>
absolutely football in the history of the only prehistoric beast!Chapter XI Mr.

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