IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: Work you have done in a team

Work you have done in a team

Why was the team formed?

What was it about?

What role did you play?

About 4 years ago, I was working in an organization which was working to promote humanity and altruism. The organization was being run by a philanthropist who was seeking to generate enough funds to pay the educational expenses of those who could not afford it. However, he was not able to generate the money he was expecting. Although there were 5 people already working to collect donations, their efforts were not that promising.  Thus, the higher management decided to form a special team which would take one person from each department, and would work relentlessly to boost efforts to make people contribute more.

There were 10 people in the team and our core responsibility was to use different marketing platforms to actuate people to make donations. There were more 3 million rupees collected so far by the previous team, but the target was 10 million rupees and we had to generate it in 1 month. It was perhaps a task which taught me how to collaborate well, as I was constantly in touch with people from 10 different departments, and we all were rigorously endeavoring to achieve the goal, which had been assigned to us.

Since my expertise was in the social marketing, I was given the task to promote the cause on Facebook and Twitter. Despite the fact that I had done similar campaigns before, it was quite cumbersome to generate this much money in such limited time. I was given an additional responsibility of making sure that the people who made the contribution were sent a thank-you message and a small gift by the organization. All the efforts were finally rewarded when we were told that we had achieved our target 5 days before the deadline.

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