IELTS Speaking Topic Part 2: Favorite Pet

Favorite Pet
Which is your favorite pet?
How do you take care of the pet?
Why do you like it?
My favorite pet is a dog. There was a time when I used to be afraid of dogs. My uncle gifted me a dog 2 years ago and I told him that I was too afraid of dogs and I could not keep it. He did not agree and he told me to keep the dog with me for some time and eventually I would develop a liking for the dog. I used to see the dog sitting in my garden, and every time I passed the dog stood up and got happy. I knew the dog had started loving me and after that it was impossible for me to ignore it. After that I also gave a name to the dog and the name which I gave to it was Tommy.
I spend most of my time with the dog after coming back from work. I go on a walk with the dog. The dog feels very whenever I take it for a walk. I also have to take care of the medicines of the dog because was remaining very ill in the past. I also have to bathe the dog. The moment I put water on the dog becomes very happy and the feeling of seeing the dog happy is simply sweet.
I live a very isolated life. I do not have much friends and I do not know to relate to this fake world. I think that the only original and true feeling I have is for my dog. I can share both good and bad times with the dog.

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