IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: Favorite drink

Favorite drink
• Name of favorite drink?
• Tell me something about the taste?
• When do you drink it?

My favorite drink is mountain dew. I drink it every day and you can say that I am almost addicted to it. I cannot live a day without it. My fridge is always stuffed with chilled cans of mountain dew. It all started 5 years ago when I saw the ad of mountain dew. I was really impressed by the adventurous ad of mountain dew and I thought of trying it out. The surprising thing is that I liked it the first time I tasted it and the entire feeling was incredible.

It is easy to tell about the taste of the drink. It has unique taste and it feels as if there is lemon taste in the drink. The drink tastes the best when it is chilled. I cannot describe the taste, but you could get a good idea of its taste if you try it yourself.

I drink it every day. This is the reason I have gained a lot of weight. Mountain dew has a lot of calories, but I just ignore the calories as I am a slave of its taste. I drink 1 500-ml bottle everyday and I prefer to drink this drink while I am having dinner. I do not get mad at people and it is very difficult to annoy me, but once I had put my mountain dew in the fridge, and my cousin drank. This thing irritated me so much that even I shouted at him. I am just so possessive about mountain dew that I cannot tolerate anyone else drinking my drink and getting all the pleasure.

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  1. Pariya says:

    Hello there. Its impressive text. I have some questions pleas:
    1- it feels as if there is lemon taste in the drink?
    It feels or it gives a feeling as if…?

    2- you could get a good idea of its taste if you try it yourself
    It is which kind of conditional sentences?
    you could or you can?

    thanks indeed

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