Present simple tense uses

Present simple tense uses

Repeated behavior

Repeated behavior means that the activity which you do again and again.

Explanation: What is the activity which you do again and again? If you are a bank then you would be going to the bank every day, so you will state this activity in the present simple tense

Example: I go to bank.

General facts

General facts are the facts which no one can deny.

Explanation: What is the thing which no one can deny? Do believe that the sun rises? Do you live in a city?

Example: I live in Lahore

Daily routine

Daily routine for something which you do everyday

Explanation: If someone is going to ask your daily routine then you will have to mention your daily routine in the present simple tense. Present simple tense is also referred to as the present indefinite.

Example: I wake in the morning then I take bath and then eat my breakfast

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