IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS Writing task 1

IELTS writing task 1 is considered to be a very difficult and confusing task, but in reality it is totally opposite. Students get confused when they look at a diagram or process, but if they follow some simple steps they can score very good marks on the IELTS writing task 1.


First I will tell you about this task:

  • You will have 20 minutes to complete this task
  • You will either be given a diagram or a process
  • You will be required to describe the diagram or process in 150 words (13-14 lines)
  • You should not write in point form
  • Your description will be like an essay
  • You will not require any special knowledge in order to attempt this question
  • The examiner wants to know whether you can do comparison

IELTS Writing task 1 tips

  • Manage your time
  • Do not make opinions; just tell about the things which you see
  • Use the words (increased by, decreased by, greater than, less than)
  • Use proper English





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