How to get band 7 in IELTS reading?

How to get band 7 in IELTS reading?

It is quite difficult to get Band 7 on the IELTS reading section. The IELTS reading is considered the most difficult section in the whole exam. Most of the candidates fail to attempt all the questions in the IELTS reading part.

We have already mentioned some IELTS reading tips on this website so you can also check. In this article I am going to discuss the things which are the most important, yet often ignored during the preparation.

Build your vocabulary

The IELTS examiner expects you to know the meaning of words. These words might be difficult for you, but the examiner expects you to know the meaning of these words. For instance do you know the meaning of “escalating”?

We have provided a list of words which might be tested in the exam. If you do not know the meaning of these words then you will get most of your questions wrong. The answers to the questions are often in similar words.

Line in the passage

“Jack gave John an opportunity to correct his mistakes.”

Please choose the correct answer


Jack gave John a

  • Book
  • Suggestion
  • Chance

If you know the meaning of opportunity then you easily understand that the answer is chance.

Read a lot

Try to read two articles every day. After reading the articles write summaries for those articles. Then check whether you understood the main idea of the article or not. You will not be required to write a summary in the IELTS exam. I am just asking you to do this so that you can improve your reading score

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  1. sohi says:

    i will try to read as many i can
    thanx for the suggestion

  2. nita says:

    pls give me tips to how to get 7 band in ielts excame

  3. Muhammed Flaifil says:

    I think that 7 is simply asking too much, since that means you should not make more then 5 mistakes. I mean come on, the ielts is for non english mother tongue people, so why make it extremely hard. I think some external party should intervene and investigate this problem. I mean if english speaking peoplw cannot even get 7 then why the hell are they picking on non english speakers.

  4. sahil says:

    i have tried this method and have been successful.

  5. Gaurav Sharma says:

    I am glad to know about the reading tips and i m sure in the near future i will read 2 articles and write them about their theme to obtain 7 bands in reading.
    Thanks for sharing the idea fetsystem

  6. Preethi says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. uzma says:

    i m too much tense because i have to appear in ilelts exam on 25may but my reading is poor.give me sum suggestion

  8. savi says:

    yes……it is a good idea…..dats wht i finding…. Thnxxxxxx

  9. fakhruddin says:

    i need to know how to get high score at ielts , please gie a good suggetion how will i be successful

  10. satnam says:

    I need ielts date in Feb but my English week plz give me important tip

  11. karthikrishna says:

    How to manage time in reading section to get 7 score

  12. rajat says:

    how to i get 6.5 bands in ielts exam

  13. rajat says:

    plz help me i am very puzzle

  14. Musawer says:

    How to get 7 band in ielts exams

  15. Percy says:

    My teacher got band 9 in 3 times. She told ” if you know
    all category rules then you should do at least 100 partial test”

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