AS-level Business Studies revision notes

These are the revision notes for AS-level Business studies, we are providing these notes for free so please share this website with your friends so that we could keep on providing this material for free. The share link is provided on this page. Thank you for visiting

Download AS level Business studies revision notes section 1.1

Download AS level Business studies revision notes section 1.2

Download AS level Business studies revision notes section 1.3

Download AS level Business studies revision notes section 1.4



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  1. sophiea lage says:

    your notes r helpful for a levels.
    but hope to have more of it on all subjects covering all chapters…..

  2. kopo oroks says:

    great,just great…………….

  3. AJAY says:

    wonderful revision notes

  4. Rehab says:

    Hey will you be providing complete A2 business study notes any time soon?


  5. saliha says:

    please provide me revision notes for A2 level business studies

  6. Raveen says:

    Please provide me notes for AS & A2 level business studies complete notes for revision. Thanks in advance.

  7. tinodaishe says:

    wow these notes are well understandable,i recommend that you should continue updating them thank you

  8. Neha Jain says:

    I am really happy after going through with your notes….but they are just only for one chapter..Is it possible to get notes for all the chapters?? They are really easy to understand….Please reply back..Thanks

  9. ARahman says:

    Thank you for d notes for dey r very helpful. Also, could you please post notes of the further chapters (as most others also wish so)?

  10. Komal says:

    Need more notes for other topics please these r really helpfull

  11. S.Rashed says:

    Thaks A Lot For This Helpful Notes

  12. Nuzhah says:

    Can you please make notes for the remaining topics!

    they are very usefull

  13. TAPIWA GODEK says:

    thax these notes are super nice

  14. Ishma says:

    Wow thank you please can u make notes for the other topics aswell please!! :)

  15. bhekisto says:

    lm in need of zimsec stuff nt Cambridge

  16. the notes are dope Im finding it easy to understand them and its helping me in my studies

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