IELTS Speaking test Part 2:Means of communication

Means of communication
Different means of communication?
What is your favorite means of communication?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

Communication is very important to impart information from one person to another. In the medieval times people used to communicate via birds, signs and fire. Now the means of communication have changed, but the purpose of communication is the same. Languages were made to facilitate communication and people learnt languages to make communication better.

There are many means of communication in this world. I would like to tell about the means of communication which I use. I use phone, laptop, e-mails and letter. I personally feel that phone is the best means of communication. I remember that once I met with an accident and I was travelling alone in a rainy night. I did not know what to do, but I had my phone and I straight away called for help and I was able to get the help because of the phone.

There are many advantages of using a phone as I mentioned earlier that it can help a person in emergencies other than that the phones these are operating as min-computers as they have all the features which are available in a computer. We can catch up with a friend without actually meeting the friend personally. Phones tend to save time if they are used properly, for instance if I have to cancel a class I simply send a message to the students and they come to know that there is no class today. This would apply if you are a teacher.

There are also some disadvantages of using the phone. The most obvious ones are that people waste a lot of time and money by talking on the phone for hours. I also hate the ring tones of the phones so I mostly keep my phone silent.

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