IELTS Speaking Part 3: Favorite person in the family

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Favorite person in the family

What is the strongest relation in this world?
It is very difficult to define the strongest relation in the world. It basically does not depend on the relation but on the association with another person. Some people think that we can only have strong relation with another person he is a brother or friend, but I believe that a strong relation can be with anyone in this world.

Can you love a person and one moment and hate him the very next moment?
Yes it definitely happens. There was a time when I used to like friend a lot but I started hating him after he dumped my best friend, so it can happen that we might like a person one instance and hate the same person the next moment.

Do family members play an important role in a person’s life?
For some people family members have played a very important role in their lives, but I cannot say the same for myself. I have always live an isolated life and my family members have not played any kind of role in my life.

Would you prefer a family member over a very close friend?
Yes I would prefer a family member over a close friend because I have had bad experience with friends. I do not think that friends stay in life. As a matter of fact I think that friends change as the time progresses.

What is the basic reason people are not in good terms with their family members?
The basic reason people do not have good relation with their family members is that they expect a lot form the family members and when do not get what they expect they feel deprived and they start hating family members. I believe that we would never hate a family member as long as we do not expect things from him or her.

Do you consider the concern shown by family member as interference?
It depends on the situation. For instance when I am taking my own decision and I believe in a particular thing then the concern would definitely be perceived as interference by me. If I am trapped in a situation which was not anticipated, the concern would never be deemed to be interference.

Would you do anything for a family member? Why

It is depends on how close I am with the family member. If I have close relationship with the family I would no doubt do anything for the family member irrespective of what the family member has done or what the implications of his acts might have. I think that if I trust or love a person, we cannot go back from responsibilities or obligations.

What are the different ways you could help a family member in trouble?
There are many ways we can help a family member. We can help a family member emotionally or emotionally. The strange part is that the world only acknowledges the help which has monetary value.

Do parents differentiate between different family members? How and why
Yes I think that parents differentiate between family members. I have been a victim of differentiation inside my family. Parents tend to have a soft corner for the children who are more successful or the children which have been able to live on the path defined by the parents. I fail to comprehend the reason for it as I would do it, but there are some people who do it.

Would you ever turn down a request of a close family member? Why
There are times when I feel I could do anything for a close family member and there are instances when I feel that Why should I be the one forcefully getting myself involved in someone else’s problem.

Rich families stay happy and poor families stay sad. Do you agree or disagree?
Yes I agree with this statement. All those people who say that money cannot buy happiness do not actually know how to use it. I lived in a privileged life in my teens as I turned twenty by circumstances changed and I had to live a life of deprivation and depression. I think after getting poor most of my days have gone in sadness.

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