IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: How would like to spend an ideal weekend

How would like to spend an ideal weekend
Where would you spend the weekend?
With whom with you spend it?
How much money would you spend?

I am a very busy man these days. All my work is associated with interacting with different people and going to different places. If I ever get a chance to spend my ideal weekend I would most probably spend it at my house. I travel a lot and would not like to go to another place to spend my ideal weekend so I would stay at my house to spend my ideal weekend.

I would spend my ideal weekend with my cousins. I would order some burgers from Mc Donald’s and eat them at my house. I would also buy some DVDs and watch at least 4 to 5 movies in a day. I would like to spend in an isolated manner with just a few friends or family members. I want to tell you about my last weekend. I could regard it as my ideal weekend because I spent the weekend doing nothing rather than just watching movies and eating a lot of food. If I get a chance I would like to plan a similar kind of weekend pretty soon.

Some of my friends spend hundreds of dollars to plan and organize an ideal weekend but my ideal weekend can be organized in 50 dollars. I do not think that a person needs to spend a lot of money to make him or her happy. Some people spend a lot of money to organize their ideal weekend but they still feel unhappy and sad.

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