200 IELTS Speaking Part 3 (Follow-up Questions and Answers) Most Repeated

Speaking Part 3 Answers

Eating habits

1. Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.

People in my country eat myriad types of food.  Most people love to eat Pakistani food, but there are people who love to eat Chinese food. Young people have inclination towards eating junk food. 

2. How are the eating habits now in your country different from eating habits in the past?

Eating habits of the people in my country are very quickly transforming. I believe this change could be attributed to the travelling that people have been doing in the recent years. Although Pakistani food is the most popular type of food right now, Turkish food is growing in its popularity.

3. How healthy is your country’s food?

The food in my country is not at all healthy. However, I think it also depends on how the food is cooked. Most people in my country like to cook food with a lot of spices and oil, but some also cook them in a healthy way.

4. Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?

I believe it would be because of the customs they have been following from several years. For instance, in the culture of our country, it is encouraged to eat rice without a spoon as it is encouraged in our religion.

5. How may eating habits change in coming decades?

I think eating habits are constantly changing. Most teenagers haves started skipping breakfasts, and they are more inclined to have midnight snacks. I believe the eating habits are changing so rapidly that it would be hard to foresee what would happen in the next decades.


6. How are education priorities today different from those in the past?

I believe people have now acknowledged how imperative education is. Most people are trying to pursue higher education and even adults are going towards adult education.

7. What is your opinion on the way languages are taught in schools?

Although languages are taught in a good way in schools, new methods could be adopted to improve the learning experience of the students. These days, languages are usually taught through books. However, the languages can be taught through videos and tutorials.

8. How can the type of school you go to affect career success?

A good school can ensure that a student becomes well aware of the concepts, which can be implemented in their practical lives. Moreover, a good school can inculcate discipline in the students which is necessary in life.

9. What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?

In the near future, we would be having digital classrooms. Teachers and students would be relying on technology more. For instance, there would be more computers in the classroom. Also, I believe that there would be fewer students in the classroom because most parents believe that there should not be more than 15 students in a class as it provides a better learning experience for the student.


10. Is water pollution a problem in your country?

Undeniably, water pollution is a problem in my country. As a matter of fact, I was reading an article which mentioned that more than 38% of the water in my country is contaminated.

11. What are some of the causes of water pollution?

According to me, there are 2 basic reasons for water pollution in my country. Firstly, although laws pertaining to water pollution have been enacted, they are not being implemented. For instance, factories and industries dump their waste into the water which is polluting the water. What is more, people tend to show indifference towards this problem. There have no initiatives taken even by the people to promote the cause of reducing water pollution.

12. What can individuals do to try and ensure water is kept clean?

Individuals can start some aware campaigns to make people realize the importance of keeping water clean. Moreover, there should be water purifying plants installed in the community which could ensure that clean water is provided to the people.

13. Do you think problems with the cleanliness of water will improve in the future?

Despite the fact that we know about the repercussions of having contaminated water, there would not much done to provide clean water. Most countries have become accustomed to the idea of contaminated water, and even though the WHO has been urging them to do something to purify the water, they tend to just ignore the request.

Influence of television

14. How popular is watching television in your country?

Watching TV is immensely popular in my country. According to a latest survey, most Pakistanis watch TV for more than 4 hours in a day, and I believe this is too much.

15. Tell me about the types of program that are generally on television in your country.

In my country, most people are completely obsessed with politics, so there are a lot of program which are political talk shows. Besides that, women love to watch cookery programs and morning shows as they are providing content which is interesting for women. Lastly, there are drama serials, which are broadcasted on many channels. These dramas are usually about family matters.

16. Why do people like watching television?

Most people love to watch television for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is the cheapest form of entertainment. One does not have to spend money in order to watch a movie in the movie. Furthermore, television provides me the opportunity to improve a person’s language skills.

17. Do you think state or private television is better?

In my opinion, private television is much better since it tends to show the truth. As private television has fewer limitations, it can show the content which, which is more intriguing. On the other hand, programs on the state television are closely monitored by the government, and the state ensures no such programs should be shown, which could tarnish the image of the government.

18. What effects can watching television have on children?

Watching television can provide children to enhance their knowledge. However, watching television in excess could deprive children from indulging in physical activities, which are imperative for a better health. Also, by watching TV, a lot of children have seen their eye sights deteriorate.

Influences on the young

19. What type of people influence the young in your country?

Young people are greatly influenced by their teachers as they spend a lot of time with them. Furthermore, young people get influenced by people in the entertainment industry. I have seen a lot of young people following the fashion trends of musicians and actors.

20. Why it is important to have role models?

Some people are clueless about their lives and they want some inspiration in their lives. Role models can provide them the motivation they are lacking in themselves. Also, role models can give them confirmation that if they work, they would surely achieve success.

21. Do you think the education system in your country influences young people’s behavior?

Unfortunately, the education system in my country does nothing to influence the behavior of young people. There are absolutely no subjects which teach young people to behave in a cordial or ethical manner. As a matter of fact, those who are more educated in my country tend to be more ill-mannered than those who are less educated.

22. What type of person (parents, teachers, friends etc) is best to influence young people’s behavior?

As far as influencing young people is concerned, I believe that parents are the best to influence the young people’s behavior. Parents are primary caregivers and they can inculcate good habits and behavior in their children. Teachers can also play an imperative role in influencing the behavior of young people.

23. What do you think young people will be most influenced by it the future?

I think in the future young people would be most influenced by celebrities. Most young people are completely obsessed with the idea of following these young people.

Leisure activities

24. What types of leisure activities are popular in your country?

As far as leisure activities are concerned most people love to play cricket. Although cricket is not the official game of Pakistan, it is very popular. Most parks are inundated with people who are eager to play cricket. Also, there are many people who love to go to parks. As a matter of fact, my country is known for having many parks.

25. Why it is important for people to have time for leisure activities?

A person should maintain a good work-life balance. Sometimes, working a lot could even reduce productivity. Thus, it is important to engage in leisure activities so that a person could find time to unwind.

26. Why are some activities more popular than others?

Some activities are more popular done others since people have more interest in them. For example, in Pakistan, most people hate to read books so you would rarely find people reading book or going to the libraries. I think it related to the general trend which is prevalent in the society.

27. Are the types of leisure activities that are popular today the same as those that were popular when your parents were young?

When my parents were younger, they told me that people loved to play volleyball and badminton. However, now the situation has changed drastically. People love to play cricket and football now.

28. What types of leisure activities may become more popular in the future?

I think in the future cycling would become an immensely popular activity. My city council has even decided to make bike lanes so that the bicyclists could be facilitated.


29. Is shopping a popular activity in your country

Shopping is a very popular activity in my country. If you ever go to shopping malls, you will find that the malls are filled with people who are eager to shop. In a recent survey, I read that more than 60% of the population of in my country loves to shop.

30. How have shopping habits changed over recent years?

Shopping habits of people have changed drastically over the years. I know a lot of people who have stopped going to malls as they believe that online shopping is much more convenient. Moreover, due to the recent pandemic, most people tend not to spend a lot of money, and impulsive buying has reduced dramatically.

31. To what extent do you think advertising affects the way people shop?

The primary purpose of advertising is to inform potential customers about a product and it can augment the revenue of the company. People get influenced by these ads, and they end up buying things, which they do not really require.

32. Do you think shopping habits are likely to change in the future?

Although most people believe that online shopping would further get popular, I believe that online shopping would reduce. For the last 18 months, most people have been confined in their houses and now they just want to get out. Thus, there is a high probability that online shopping would reduce.


33. What types of sports are popular in your country?

In my country, people are crazy about cricket. Also, there are many people who could be considered at football enthusiasts.

34. What are the benefits of playing a sport?

There are 3 main benefits of playing a sport. Playing a sport can keep a person physically fit. Moreover, playing a sport can make a person perform in a team as most games are having multiple players. Lastly, by playing a sport, a person ends up being more tolerant.

35. Do you think the types of sport that are popular will change in the future?

Currently, the most popular game in my country is cricket. However, in the future, people would be more towards playing football.

36. How can sports bring people from different countries closer together?

Most sports are played in stadiums, so people from different countries come to the stadiums to support their countries. When Pakistan went to play in India, my uncle went to India to support the team. After going to India, he came to know about the culture of India, and he was also able to make some friends there.


37. How do most people travel long distances in your country?

Most people who want to reach to their destinations quickly, tend to use planes. There are some people who also use trains because they are quite economical.

38. Have the types of transport people use changed much over the last few decades?

In the last few decades, there have not been many changes in the types of transport people use. People are still using cars and buses the way they used to use 2 or 3 decades ago. Nevertheless, in the next few decades, some changes are expected. For instance, bullet trains might become very popular.

39. What kinds of improvement have there been in transport in your country in recent years?

My country has been improving its transportation sector a lot. A lot of capital has been injected by the government in the railways. Besides that, a lot of money has been invested to build new roads which have connected all the important cities.

40. Do you think transport is likely to continue to improve in the future?

I think that in the future there would be many improvements in the transport sector. There has been consensus among the politicians that money has to be spent on roads to promote trade. Consequently, 5% of the national budget has been earmarked for the improvement of roads and infrastructure.

Attitudes to tourism

41. Why do you think people like to travel to different places in their free time?

We all get bored because of our mundane routines. When a person travels to different places, it gives the person the opportunity to explore different cultures and norms.  

42. How do you see tourism changing in your country in the future?

Since my country has been promoting tourism, there would be an upsurge in the number of tourists coming to my country. Although most people were interested in the northern areas in the past, people have now started visiting the southern areas of Pakistan.

Conserving the countryside

43. Why is it important to protect the countryside?

It is fundamental to protect countryside since it provides us food. Most of the farming is done in the countryside and if we do not protect countryside, our crops would be affected. Furthermore, countryside is the area where our culture is pervasive. Thus, to preserve our culture, we need to protect countryside. Also, countryside can be a getaway for people who want to be away from contaminated air.

44. In what ways is the countryside in danger in your country?

Most of the land in the countryside is now being used by land developers to provide for the ever-increasing demand of housing. Also, the government is making a lot of roads and motorways due to which it has to acquire the land which is in the countryside.

Historic buildings and monuments

45. Why are historic buildings and monuments important to a city?

Historic building can promote tourism as most people are interested in knowing about historic buildings. Moreover, historic buildings can make the young people know about the culture and norms of the city.

46. Is it better to keep old buildings, or build new modern ones?

Despite the fact the idea of building new modern buildings would be perceived as an attractive one, it should be done at the expense of knocking down old building. Old buildings are one of the best ways to stay connected to our history and culture.

Attitudes to family

47. In what ways have families in your country changed in recent years?

In the past, people in my country used to live with their extended families, but now most people live with their nuclear families. Besides that, about 50 years ago, people used to have 8 to 10 family members in a family, but now the situation has changed. Parents are now giving birth to few children.

48. Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family? Why (not)?

Though husbands and wives used to have different roles in the families, things have changed now.  I think it has been a positive development. It is wrong to deprive wives of pursuing their professional careers, and husbands should be performing the household chores to help their wives.

Family or friends

49. Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?

For a lot of people, friends are important. Nevertheless, I do not consider friends to be important for me. Friends just go away at the time of need, but family members tend to help each other in the time of need.

50. What conflicts can arise between a person’s family and a person’s friends?

I think the basic reason for the conflict would be the time given. If a person would give a lot of time to the friends, the family members would feel offended. And if the person would give a lot of time to the family members, friends would feel neglected and the ignored.

Family responsibilities

51. What responsibilities do parents have towards their children?

Parents need to take care of their children by providing for their basic necessities and wants. Moreover, parents need to provide emotional and moral support to their children their hard times.

52. What responsibilities do children have towards their parents?

It is the responsibility of the children to acknowledge the efforts of their parents. They need to respect them for all the sacrifices they have made. Also, children have the responsibility to fulfill the financial needs of the parents and make sure that they are provided with all the necessities and luxuries of life.

Things to buy in your country

53. What typical things can visitors to your country buy?

My country is very popular for hand-woven carpets. What is more, visitors love to buy other cultural clothes. It is very hard to find such things in other areas of the world as they are unique to this region.

54. What things do young people like to buy in your country?

Young people like to buy decoration pieces and souvenirs in my country as my country has a very rich cultural heritage. Moreover, young people in my country are obsessed with mobile phones, and they love to buy expensive phones.


55. Is it a good idea to save money? Why (not)?

I think the best policy is to save money. Life is so unpredictable and one can never know whether he or she would be able to run the business in a profitable manner so by saving money, a person would be able to have a backup plan. I keep hearing people say that business is too risky and one should have a job, but even job is very unpredictable as we never know when we might lose our jobs.

56. Do you think that people are happier if they have money? Why (not)?

Yes, most people believe that having money would make them happier as they would be able to fulfill desires and wants. Nonetheless, not everyone can be happy with the money they have.


57. What can shops do to make shopping more pleasant for their customers?

I find it quite irritating when a salesperson comes to me and asks if I need something. For  a starter, salesperson should not always be offering help because one needs some time to explore. Moreover, there should be some soothing music played in the shop which would help a person during shopping.

58. Do you think that in the future people will do most of their shopping using the Internet?

Why?/ Why not?

Yes, I think I a lot people would be buying stuff online as it is very convenient. Besides that, the discounts offered on online shopping are quite lucrative. These online platforms are able to provide discounts because they do not have to spend money on getting retail spaces.

Shopping at markets

59. Do people in your country enjoy going to open-air markets that sell things like food or

clothes or old objects? Which type of market is more popular? Why?

I live in a country where the weather is very hot. Although most markets are open-air markets in my country, most people do not really want to go there. As a matter of fact, people in my country go to open-air markets out of compulsion rather than out of choice. These open-air markers sell economical products.

60. Do you think markets are more suitable places for selling certain types of things? Which

ones? Why do you think this is?

Markets are suitable to sell everyday products. I think it is better to sell fruits and vegetable in markets as the consumers would have better choices and they would also be able to negotiate with the vendors.

61. Do you think young people feel the same about shopping at markets as older people?

Why is that?

Most old people tend to avoid going to the markers for shopping as they consider shopping in the markets to be a very overburdening activity.

Shopping in general

62. What do you think are the advantages of buying things from shops rather than markets?

The first advantage of buying from a shop is that one would be able to get better customer service because shops want people to come back and they are seeking brand loyalty. Also, shops are cleaner than the markets. If I talk about my own country, shops are better than open-air markets.

63. How does advertising influence what people choose to buy? Is this true for everyone?

Advertising can have a decisive impact on what people choose to buy. Most people are easily influenced by the advertisements because these advertisements are having celebrities, who can easily influence people to buy a thing. However, everyone is not influenced by the advertisements.

64. Do you think that any recent changes in the way people live have affected general shopping habits? Why is this?

Attitudes to food

65. What do you think a healthy diet consists of?

A healthy diet is a combination of all the necessary nutrients. According to me, one should consume meat, vegetables and fruits.

66. Which do people in your country prefer: traditional food or fast food such as hamburgers

or pizzas?

Although a lot of people these days prefer to eat fast food, I do not like it. Traditional foods of Pakistan are providing enough variety.

Learning about food

67. Do you think children should be taught about healthy diets and cooking at school? Why

Children should be taught to cook healthy diets as it would encourage children they to adopt healthy eating habits. As far as cooking is concerned, it is imperative to teach children on how to cook as they would not have to rely on other for food.

68. At what age do you think children should be taught to cook?

Most people believe that children should be taught to book before the age of 10, but I think it is too dangerous to make children start cooking before that age.

Food aid

69. What can be done to prevent poor people in the world going hungry?

Firstly, food should be equally distributed among people. Secondly, people in the rich country should show more compassion towards the people in the poor countries.

70. Should rich countries help poor countries with more than just food?

Yes, rich countries provide education and training to the people in the poor countries. Moreover, rich countries should provide soft loans to the capable entrepreneurs of the country.

Travelling and learning

71. What do people learn from travelling?

Travelling can help people know about the norms and values of other countries. Moreover, travelling can make people aware of the technological advancements in the world.

72. Do you think the growth of international tourism is a good thing? Why (not)?

I do not think that international tourism is a good thing. Firstly, spending money on international tourism is extravagance as it is very expensive. Secondly, when people go for international tourism, they neglect their local areas, and that hurts the local economies.

Tourism and culture

73. How has tourism changed the way people in your country live?

Tourism has been the reason behind the changes in our society. When people go to foreign countries, they get inspired by their lifestyles and they want to copy them. For instance, it was not very common for people in my country to live in apartment building; however, after going abroad most people even prefer to live in apartments in Pakistan as the people in foreign countries normally live in apartments.

74. How should tourists behave when they visit your country?

Tourists should behave in an ethical way as they are representing their countries and cultures. They should not behave in a way which could tarnish the image of their country.

Ways of travelling

75. What do you think is the best way for a tourist to travel if they want to learn about your


If a tourist wants to know about Pakistan, they should avoid staying at expensive hotels as they would never be able to depict the culture of Pakistan. Tourists should try to find an affordable accommodation. Also, the tourists should visit the local markets and historical places as they would inform the tourists about the area.

76. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane?

When one travels through a plane, one can easily reach to the destination in a shorter period of time. Moreover, travelling by plane is much safer than travelling on any other mode transportation. Nonetheless, travelling by plane is very expensive and most people deem to be a very boring journey as we all would be in the skies.

Reasons for daily travel

77. Why do people need to travel every day?

People need to travel every day as they have to reach to their workplaces. Also, people need to travel because they have to buy the basic necessities of life.

78. What problems can people have when they are on their journey, for example to work or

school? Why is this?

The most common problem people have while they are travelling is that they have to deal with traffic congestion. Most countries in the world have failed to deal with traffic-related issues. Furthermore, most people travelling on motorcycles have to deal with air pollution.

79. Some people say that daily journeys like these will not be so common in the future. Do

you agree or disagree? Why?

Although many people might say that work-from-home jobs would become more popular in the future, I disagree with it. I believe that most people will be doing their daily journeys as the productivity and efficiency reduce when employees work from their homes.

Benefits of international travel

80. What do you think people can learn from travelling to other countries? Why?

In simple words, life is a book and if you do not travel, you stay on the same page of the book. A person can get unlimited exposure by travelling.

81. Can travel make a positive difference to the economy of a country? How?

If you talk about the host country, it would be earning a lot of money when the tourists would be staying at hotels and would be buying products from the country.

82. Do you think a society can benefit if its members have experience of travelling to other

countries? In what ways?

When people of a country travel to other countries, they bring good things from the other countries. When people of Pakistan started going to UAE, they started learning the ways the infrastructure could be developed.

Attitudes to education

83. How has education changed in your country in the last ten years?

Education in my country has not changed a lot in the last 10 years. To be honest, it has improved for the rich people, but it is exactly the way it was for those who cannot afford expensive schools.

84. Is a good education more important to a boy or a girl? Why?

Though it was earlier believed that good education was only important for boys, it is no longer the case. We cannot just deprive anyone of education due to the old and rotten beliefs of some people in the society. As a matter of fact, there is not a single profession in the world where women are not thriving.

The focus of education

85. How well do you think schools prepare young people for working life?

Actually, it depends on the kind of school to which you are sending your children. However, you could say that schools make children more disciplined. Moreover, schools make them become early risers and that is something which is very important in the working life of a person.

86. Do you think schools should teach subjects like art, music and dancing? Why (not)?

Without a doubt, schools should teach these subjects. Dancing is one of the best way to relax the minds of the children. As far as music is concerned, it is something which is an enjoyable activity and the children could even their careers in the music fields.

Education and technology

87. How important is it for schools to have computers for their students?

It is imperative for schools to have computers for children as the children can get a lot of knowledge because of computers. For instance, internet is replete with information and by not providing computers to children, we would deprive them of vital information.

88. Is the Internet a valuable educational tool?

Undeniably, there are many educational resources available on the internet, which can facilitate the process of learning and acquiring knowledge.

Safety and danger

89. In what ways is life becoming safer, and in what ways is it becoming more dangerous?

OK, I am going to first talk about how the world has become safer. If you look at cars, most cars are now having airbags and other safety features. As far as the government is concerned, the government has started many organizations which strive to keep the lives of people safe. For instance, rescue 1122 is a government organization which saves people from any hazardous situation.

90. Should people always avoid danger, or is it a good idea sometimes to take risks?

For most people, it is better to avoid risks as most people are clueless about risk management. However, some people tend to take risks and it is very much rewarding for them.  I had a friend who went for an adventure trip and he had to climb a mountain. At first, we all thought that it was the wrong decision, but he not only

Taking risks

91. What risks should people try to avoid?

I think people should avoid taking risks which could put them in a vulnerable position

92. Do you think people take fewer risks as they grow older? Why?

Yes, as people grow older, they are reluctant to take risks because they do not want to put themselves in a dangerous position. Some of my father’s friends are reluctant to make investments in the stock market as they believe it is very unpredictable.


93. How important is it to have adventure in our lives?

When we have adventure in our lives, we can prosper and also get rid of the fear in our lives. Nevertheless, it is not that important to try adventurous things provided that a person is fearful of it.

94. What do people learn about themselves from having adventures?

Most people learn about their own true potential. Even if a person is afraid of a

Attitudes to newspapers

95. In what ways are newspapers better for learning about the news than listening to the radio

or watching television?

Undoubtedly, the learning experience one could have through reading is far better than what a person would be learning through radio or television.

96. Do you think newspapers should be completely free to say whatever they want?

I do believe in freedom of speech, but it should be practiced to the extent that it could hurt the feelings of people. For instance, newspapers should be allowed to tarnish the image of a person or an organization without having evidence or proof regarding an issue.

Tastes in reading

97. What do people enjoy reading in your country?

Most people in my country are obsessed with political affairs, so they love to read newspapers in order to get well aware of the latest political situation of the country. Besides that, people in my country also tend to admire anything which is related to suspense.

98. Do you think it is important for people to read a lot? Why (not)?

Although one might be considered a bookworm for reading a lot, we cannot gainsay the importance of reading.  Reading is an activity which would enable a person to gain immense knowledge and also enhance a person’s ability to concentrate for a longer period of time.

Public and private lives

99. What sort of stories do newspapers and magazines publish about well-known or famous people in your country?

Unfortunately, newspapers and magazines do let famous people have any privacy. They talk about their relationships, affairs, and marriages. Also, magazines inform their readers about the projects they are doing. In simple words, these magazines tend to talk about everything which is happening in the lives of famous people.

100. Do you think the media should be allowed to publish stories about the private lives of public figures?

Although these stories would be engaging for the readers, there should be some laws which could govern this process of publishing stories about the private lives.

Sport & Health

101. What do you do to keep fit?

I avoid eating junk food. Moreover, I go for morning walk from Monday to Thursday. Though a lot people having asking me to join the gym, I am reluctant to join

102. Are you good at a sport?

Since my childhood, I have been playing baseball. I used to play it in my school, and I never stopped playing it. Every Sunday, I play the game. I would consider myself to be a batter and I am normally score on my first strike.

103. What sports do you play?

I rarely find time to play sports. However, when I get the time, I play cricket and baseball.  Both these games are very similar.

104. What is the most popular sport in your country?

Though hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, the most popular sport is cricket.

105. What are the best ways to keep fit?

There are many ways to keep fit, but one of the best ways to keep fit is to go for a morning walk. Furthermore, a person can keep oneself fit by drinking water.

106. Do you think most people consider exercise a compulsion or do they find it fun?

Most people consider exercise to be a compulsion as they have to do it to keep them healthy. However, I regard it to be a fun activity.

107. What is the most popular form of exercise in your country?

The most popular form of exercise in my country is walking. There are many parks in my country and most people are inclined towards walk. These days, I have been going to the park, and I see many people coming for the morning and evening walks.

108. Do you think people in your country are less healthy than they used to be?

Yes, I think people in my country are these days less health conscious.

109. How can we encourage young people to stay healthy?

We can encourage young people to stay healthy by making them adopt healthy eating habits. Moreover, the government should

110. Should governments intervene to force people to be healthier?

Although most people would regard it to be unjust, I think the intervention of the government in this matter is justified because if the health situation of the country is worsened, people would end up


111. Is it better to make important life decisions on your own or is it better to consult other


Although it is better to hear out what others are saying, it is always better to make the final decision at your own. If you will do something which others had recommended, you would end up blaming them for your failures if the things do not work out.

112. Do you think good decision-making can be taught?

Though many might believe that good-decision making cannot be taught, I think it can be taught. For instance, educational institutes can teach you to know about different concepts which enable you to be a good decision-maker. When I was in university, I would told about SWOT analysis which is still helping me to decide whether I should invest money in a certain business or not.

113. Is watching TV a good way of forgetting about work or study?

Yes, when a person watches TV, he or she can enter a new world. This artificial world is devoid of miseries and worries and it can help a person to forget about all the thing connected to work or study.

114. Should co-workers also spend their leisure time together?

I think it should be a personal decision. If you ask me, I would never like to see anyone from my office to be in my friends’ circle. However, I know many people who hang out with their co-workers as they feel more comfortable with them.

115. Do you agree that English should be the main language of international exchange?

Yes, I think English should be the language of international exchange because it is being taught in most countries of the world.  By making English the main language, we would be able to facilitate trade.

116. What are the difficulties in creating a universal language?

A language is very much connected to the culture of the region. If decide to have a universal language, we would be working towards making many languages and cultures obsolete, and this is something no one wants to do.

117. Why do some companies have uniforms for their employees?

When we make the employees wear uniforms, we promote unity in them. Besides that, we can make them feel more disciplined.

118. Who do you think have a harder time making decisions, children or adults? Why?

I think it is easier for the children to make decisions as it usually said that ignorance is bliss. However, adults think of the repercussions of their decisions.

119. Is it convenient to use an APP?

It is not too hard to use an app. Most apps these are very user-friendly and do not require a person to a lot of knowledge about computers to use them.

120. What do you think about family business?

I think it is easier to run a family business since most of the hard has been done by elders. However, it  is an equally challenging job since a person has to grow the business too.


121. What kinds of possessions give status to people in your country?

In my country, most people tend to respect you more if you are having a luxury car. Also, people believe that you have a good status if you are living a big bungalow.

122. Has it always been the same or were different possessions thought of as valuable in the


Previously, a person used to get impressed by the phone another person was possessing, but it is no longer the case.

123. Why do you think people need to show their status in society?

We live in a very materialistic society where people tend to respect you only if you have a good social status and money.


124. Do you think advertising influences what people buy?

Undeniably, advertising can have a decisive impact on what people would be buying. Last week, when I was watching a TV commercial of an airline, I got greatly influenced by the ad and I then decided that I would be travelling on that airline on my next journey.

125. Do advertisements give correct information, or do they encourage people to buy things

that they may not need?

I think it depends on the advertisements and advertisers. There are many advertisers who believe in ethical marketing and never deceive their customers. However, there are some who deceive their customers by making false claims so that they could increase their sales revenue.

126. Is advertising really necessary in modern society?

In this modern society, we have been bombarded with advertisement. We have been exposed to advertisement to that extent that we are no longer interested in them. Thus, I think we do not really need them anymore.

127. Do you think people take notice of advertisements on the internet?

Internet advertising is the only form advertising which can get the attention of people. Internet ads are very focused. If you are searching for a commodity or service, they would only show the ads relevant to the things you search, so people tend to focus more on these advertisements.

128. How do you think internet ads will change people’s buying habits in the future?

129. Are there any disadvantages to shopping on the internet?

There are two major disadvantagea of shopping on the internet. Firstly, the shopper is mostly deceived as the product delivered is not like the product which was shown in the online store.  Secondly, when an online shopper shares his or her credit card details, those could easily get stolen by hackers.


130. What help does your own community need?

Currently, there are many people in my community who do not have practical skills due to which the unemployment rate has increased dramatically. I believe these need to be trained by some experts so that they could develop the skills.

131. What kinds of things can people do to help improve their communities?

There are two ways in which people can help their communities. Firstly, people can help those who are living in impoverished conditions. Secondly, people can set up

132. What is your opinion about how attached people are to their communities nowadays –

are they more or less attached to the community where they grew up than people in the


Unfortunately, people are not attached to their communities these days due to their hectic routines. In most cases, both men and women are working which makes it extremely hard for them to participate community programs.

133. What are some of the ways people can help others in the community? Which is most


People are can provide money, education, and counseling to people in the community. I think that the best way to help others in the community is to

134. Why do you think some people like to help other people?

Most religions and cultures encourage the people to help those who are in need of help. Moreover,  by helping other people, one can find peace.

135. Some people say that people help others in the community more now than they did in

the past. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I agree with it. People in the past used to be very much concerned about the people who were in their community and they used to share their problems with each other. However, these days, things have changed entirely.

Community Services

136. What types of services, such as libraries or health centers, are available to the people who live in your area? Do you think there are enough of them?

Although libraries are essential places, I cannot find any in my area. However, there are many health centers nearby. I think there should be a new community center built in my area which could provide

137. Which groups of people generally need most support in a community? Why?

I think low-income earners need the most support in the community. More than 70% of my country’s population lives under the poverty line and it is impossible for them to even meet their basic needs.  Apart from them, people who are physically challenged need our help as they are not able to earn the money at their own.

138. Who do you think should pay for the services that are available to the people in a

community? Should it be the government or individual people?

I do not expect each person in the community to become a philanthropist, but we all need to contribute something towards a humanitarian cause. As far as the government is concerned, it is primarily the responsibility of the government to pay for the services which are being provided to the members of the community for free.


139. At what age should people be allowed to go to musical concerts?

According to me, individuals should only be allowed to go to musical concerts if they are above 18. Before that, it would be too risky to allow individuals to go the musical concerts.

140. Do you think it is possible to judge someone’s personality from their taste in music? (Why/ Why not?)

I have observed that those who like rock music are normally very angry. Nevertheless, there are exceptions, so we can say that it very hard to judge a person’s personality by merely knowing about their music preferences.

141. Do you think it is true that anyone can sing with the right training? (Why?)

Though some people might think that the right training can enable a person to sing well, I would not agree with it. I think training could a play a role, but the ability to sing well is a gift given by God.

142. Do you think pop stars can be a bad influence on young people?

Yes, I think pop stars can have a very bad influence on young people. If you observe the behavior of young people, you would see that they are normally misbehaving on purpose so that they could get the attention of people. When young people would see them, they would start copying them and that would be regarded as misdemeanor.

143. How much does the internet influence how you listen to music? (Do you think it will

do so more in the future?)

I believe that internet has made music readily available. In the past, people used to be more involved in live music. However, due to internet, people can download music or watch music videos on youtube.

144. Is foreign music or music from your country more popular with people your age?

Naturally, people in of my age are more inclined to towards Indian music because most of the songs are in Urdu.

145. Is there any future for CDs, do you think? (How long might they still be around?)

To be honest, I think CDs do not have a future since people can download almost anything on their phones and ipods. Therefore, CDs would cease to exist in the upcoming years.

146. Recently many singers and groups have become famous through television talent

shows. What do you think about this?

I think such kinds of talents are providing young singers and groups the opportunities which were never provided earlier. The positive thing is here is that they can compete with others to prove their talents and there is no nepotism.

147. What do you think about illegal downloading of music?

Illegal downloading of music is pervasive these days. Although a lot of laws were enacted to prevent it, it is something which cannot be avoided. According to me, it is very unfair to deprive the artists of the financial compensation and reward they deserve.

148. What would the advantages and disadvantages of being stricter about illegal

downloading of music be?

As far as the advantages are concerned, piracy would reduce. Moreover, the artists would be rewarded for their efforts. Having said that, illegal downloading makes music more accessible which makes musicians quite famous,  which is something not possible if music is charged.

149. What do you think about music education in your country?

Unfortunately, music education is not that much encourage in my country due to our social norms and values. However, if we want to improve music education it needs to be introduced in schools as a mandatory subject.  Only then,  people would acknowledge the importance of it.

151. Can you think of any bad effects of listening to music with headphones?

Firstly, one would expose oneself to high-decibel sound waves, which would eventually lead to loss of hearing. Besides that, a scientific study has also proven that headphones generate electromagnetic waves which could harm the brain.

152. Do you think it is possible to learn another language from listening to music in that

language? Why/ why not?

In a way, it possible to learn a language by listening to music, but it is not that effective way. I do not even understand the lyrics in a song when they are in my native language.

153. Do you think music while you are studying generally helps or not? (Why?)

Yes, when I am doing math questions, slow music can help me to concentrate on the questions.

154. Do you think the government needs to do more to preserve traditional music? (What

could they do?)

Unfortunately, the government in my country has done absolutely nothing to preserve the traditional music. As a matter of fact, I once went to the department and they were clueless on how to actually preserve traditional music. The best way to preserve traditional music is to make a music library. Also, there should be an official music TV channel started by the government.

155. How do you think the music industry will change in the future? (Will the changes be

mainly positive or negative, in your opinion?)

In my opinion, in the future, music industry would witness many changes. To name a few,

156. How have music and the music industry changed over the last ten years? (Are those

changes mainly positive or negative, in your opinion?)

For the last 10 years, I have noticed that the quality of music has deteriorated. Due to globalization, it has become easier for musicians to copy the tunes and songs of foreign musicians. Thus, new and original music is not being produced.

157. How important is music for young people nowadays, do you think? (Is that different

from the past?)

Music is very important for young people as it can enable young people to stay connected with their culture. Moreover, music can play a decisive role in alleviating the stress people could be having these days.

158. In what ways does music education benefit children? (Does that make it worth the


These days, music education has become mandatory in schools as it can provide children with much needed break from their hectic routines. What’s is more, some children who are taught music at schools could end up pursuing their careers in the music industry as they would be possessing the rudimentary knowledge pertaining to the field.


159. Why do you think people like watching films?

Firstly, people watch films because it is one of the best modes of entertainment. In 100 to 120, one can get a lot of fun by watching a movie which would be having a gripping story. Secondly, people watch movies for educational purposes. Watching a movie enables a person to learn new words and acquire new ideas.

160. Do you think films have changed since you were a child? How?

I think the films have changed a lot. These days, movies are mostly about action and supernatural stuff. As a child, I used to watch movies which were usually belonging to the genres such as drama and comedy.

161. As the technology for home viewing improves, do you think people will stop going to

the cinema in future?

Yes, to a certain extent, applications such as netlix and amazon prime are providing so many options to the views. However, we cannot gainsay the fact that no matter what happens, people would always prefer to go the cinemas as it is a completely different experience.

Pollution/ Environmental problems

162. Which environmental problems are people most concerned about in your country?

Most people in my country are concerned about air pollutions. My country has been suffering due to it for many years. Moreover, people are concerned about contaminated drinking water as it can lead to many diseases, such as diarrhea.

163. What are the main causes of these environmental problems?

Most environmental problems are there in my country because large corporations dump their waste in rivers and lakes. They do show compliance to the rules and regulation pertaining to environmental laws. What is more, people in my country also do not consider these problems to be that grave, so there is not public pressure which could force the government or the large corporation to solve the problem.

164. Do you think it is the responsibility of governments alone to protect the environment?

Primarily, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the environment is protected. However, it would be quite cumbersome for the government to do it solely. In other words, people would have to actively participate in this process so that we favorable outcomes could be produced.

165. What measures can individuals take to protect the environment?

Firstly, the government could enact stern laws to stop organizations and people from harming the environment. Also, there should be awareness campaigns initiated to make people aware of the repercussions of worsening environmental conditions.

166. Do you think large companies and business organizations should be more

environmentally friendly? Why? How?

Undeniably, large companies should be more environmentally friendly as they have the financial resources to do so. Although it would cost them a lot initially, it would be fundamental for them to depict a positive image in the public. For instance, the best example would be a waste processing plant. Though it would cost the large company a lot, it would be perceived as an ethical step by the public, which would encourage the people to trust the company more.

167. How can we teach children about the importance of protecting the environment?

We can make children learn about protecting the environment by making them watch documentaries about it. Also, we can make them visit places which have neglected the importance of protecting the environment so that they could physically observe their adverse conditions.

168. Do you think that governments around the world are doing enough to tackle the problems?

Undeniably, many governments around the world have been trying to magnify the issue. Nevertheless, not many concrete steps have been taken to solve the problem. They do not practice the environmental policy in letter and spirit.

169. Why do some people not consider environmental problems to be serious?

People do not acknowledge these problems as they are not aware of the repercussions of it.  Most people believe that these environmental problems do not even matter and humankind can just live with these environmental conditions.

170. What do you consider to be the world’s worst environmental disaster caused by humans?

According to me, I would say it is deforestation. I just read 3 days ago that 15.3 billion trees are cut in a year. Just imagine the detrimental effects this could be having on the environment.

171. Why do you think environmental disasters caused by humans happen?

It is largely due to the incompetence of the government to enact and implement a strong environmental policy. In my country, when a fine $100 of was imposed to the illegal cutting of trees, the cutting of trees reduced by 60%.

172. Do you think there will be more environmental disasters caused by humans in the future?

Unfortunately, these disasters would not cease to happen as humans are still showing apathy towards these problems.


173. How often do you visit museums?

I go to the museum more often than not as I am working in a school, and I have to take children for field trips to the local museum in my area.

174. What type of museum is popular in your country?

In my country, science museums are the most popular ones. Most schools require their students to visit them as they can have an amazing learning experience.

175. What do you think of the importance of museums in history?

Museums can help people know about their history and culture. A museum is a gateway to the past. Museum provides artifacts and other objects which enable a person know about the history.

176. What do you think of the heritage of a country?

Heritage has everything to do the values, norms and traditions of a country. It is very important to preserve it as it depicts the culture of a country.  People who have indifference towards their heritage have always suffered due to identity crises.

177. Compare the museums nowadays and in the past.

These days, museums also have auditoriums where people can watch documentaries about the past so that they could know about the significance of the objects they would be observing in the museums.

178. Have you ever been to a foreign museum?

Once, I went to Amsterdam, and I went to the Amsterdam National Museums. After going there, I was able to know a lot about the European history. Although the stay was brief, I felt quite enlightened after the visit.


179. What presents are suitable for a wedding in your country?

Usually, people give cash. It is given as the people want the couple to use that money in whatever way they want to. Besides that, they are many people who give jewelry and ornaments.

180. Do you think money spent on a wedding is wasted?

It basically depends on the amount of money you. It is fully justified to have an extravagant wedding if you are wealthy, but if you do not have a lot of money, it would be wrong to spend a lot on your wedding just because you want to brag about the money you have spent on the wedding.


182. How long should a couple wait before getting married?

I do not think that a person should take an impulsive decision regarding getting married. In simple words, it would be better to wait for at least 3 months before marrying person.

183. What is the secret of a successful marriage?

I think 2 basic things are very important for making a marriage successful. Firstly, both husband and wife should be faithful to each other. Besides that,  it is important to forgive your partner if he or she makes a mistake.

184. Should unhappy couples get divorced?

It depends on unhappy they. If they are not working out even after trying a lot it would be fine to get divorced. However, every effort should be made to make the marriage work as children would be the ones suffering the most if such a thing happens.


185. What are the main differences between spoken and written communication?

Spoken communication is normally informal, while written communication is formal. Besides that, written communication is primarily used so that we could have record of the correspondence.

186. To what extent do you think the media influences how people communicate with each other?

Media can make people convey their message to many people. Someone talking on the national television would be conveying his or her message to millions, which would impossible without media.

187. Do you think there are differences in the way men and women communicate?

Men and women tend to communicate in the same way. It was previously believed that women used to beat around the bush and were incapable of giving a strong and clear message, but according to me, women are very good at communication. Perhaps, they are far better than men at communicating.

188. Do you think that people become better communicators as they get older?

I think a person becomes a better communicator with time, but I believe better training can enable a person to become better communicator.

189. Do you agree that education has a strong and positive effect on people’s ability to

communicate effectively?

Undeniably, education can play an imperative role is improving a person’s communication skills. With the right education, you would have the right words to convey your message and make it more understandable.

190. What impact has the growth of technology had on the way people communicate and how do you think this will develop in the future?

Technology has made people capable enough to stay connected with people. Due to this connectivity, people have been able to form friendships with people who were living in different countries. The future looks quite promising.


191. Do you think that present giving will play an important role in daily life? Why?

Yes, it is important to give presents as we show our love and affection by giving presents. It is not necessary that the present is a very expensive, but it needs to be given.

192. Compare the gift which people have received 10 years ago to the present that people now are receiving? What’s the difference between them?

Around 10 years ago, people used to give cash. However, these days, people are most inclined to give perfumes and flowers.

193. Do you think that the brand name is very important for sales?

Undeniably, brand name is fundamental for a business to thrive. Most people are very much interested in possessing something which is offered by a renowned branch.

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