Choose topic for English essay

Choose topic for English essay

It can be very difficult for an ESL student to choose the topic on which he or she can write a good essay. People rely on the opinion of other people and ignore their own strengths and weaknesses. I remember that one of my friends used to write a persuasive essay because his girlfriend told him to do that. You should never rely on other people’s opinions.

Most of the English examinations in the world let the student choose the topic on which he or she want s to write an essay, so the million dollar question is that how do you choose the right topic for your essay?

You should go through the process of brainstorming right before you think of writing an essay. It is very important to do brainstorming because brainstorming helps you gather ideas for you essay.

After brainstorming you will easily determine the topic on which you can write a comprehensive essay because you will have the ideas right in front of you. You should combine these ideas with your own personal observations and then layout an essay which will arouse zeal the in reader’s mind.

You would be surprised to see that read that I have suggested you to do the brainstorming before choosing the topic whereas the books in the market advice vice versa. I am strong on this opinion because I feel that it better to gather ideas first because it lets us know whether we can even write on the given topic or not.

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