opened the scoring

That ,<a href="">Cheap authentic jerseys</a>,black-haired boy in the process of the entire Champions League, Didier Deschamps will not be ignored, it is definitely a very dangerous guy.

Now not only is he not think so, too many critics, but also turned their attention to this black-haired kid, mostly to express my appreciation.

Is also the world, after all, not a few idiots will challenge the old man's vision of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, who, even they are promising, there will be wrong?

Portuguese domestic Which team is most popular. The answer to that question is only "a Seoul chart their thunder has been overshadowed by all.

Not only they can do to thriving in the domestic arena, but also in the European arena. Smoothly advance to the finals of the Champions League, even if the three fronts for them, it seems that is not what the problem, they have two trophies are the immediate concern of the final.

Has been scheduled in advance of the Portuguese Super League trophy in this season, but the game rounds have to continue, but Porto easy.

After all, the war in Europe experienced the baptism, all the players up and down the team was full of confidence, that confidence is to bring them victory.

Porto did not make the mistake of error after the Manchester United first win in the next two league. Continuous bloodbath with a large margin a poor opponent.

Some even say that, if not the effect of losing the game, perhaps this group of Porto madman who can refresh the new league.

But as far as this situation is concerned, <a href="">Nike Elite Jerseys</a>,they get their points or more, basically is not any accident, to see their own feelings.

As long as the guys think, are not Shuaishen possessed then, in points standings Shuaixia the second twenty multisection. Not a surprising thing.

Those critics of the season half of the time. It has been said, "This season's champion, belonging to the Porto team."

Porto is also very stable, with their Portuguese Super league rule, the bloodbath of the two big score, is a strong proof of.

Porto Braga game is the most exciting, those of Porto man can not forget, this group of shameless the Braga bastards, a few months ago with a very despicable rhetoric provoked Linyi bottom line created that shocked Portugal football stadium violence.

The Linyi fact, and no punishment alliance management, how severe, But those fanatical Porto has been noted on his behalf under this liangzi.

When these the Dao Meigui again hit Porto. Individuals imagine the Porto people what way to entertain them. League Cup semi-final second leg, Porto has severely on the road to teach some opponents, but this time at home.

"In other people's sites, <a href="">Nfl jerseys wholesale</a>,we are still a little relax, and then go home, you can take these son of a bitch. Good look for the foot feeling."

Mourinho in the Champions League before the first laid off the entire lineup, he did not even think twice the risk of the game will have players injured.

"There is no request, free to attack, you are usually the most used way to play football, I just need to see the score change on the big screen

Mourinho said in the locker room only a word, this guy speak face expressionless, but everyone knows this guy want to do.

Well, we Porto can not say that once the holidays, it does not mean that old resentment has passed, Chu Laihun, sooner or later have to repay.

This sentence you Braga have not heard? Zero. Porto we will be free to teach you, consciously posed. Waiting for our ravaged.

Porto before the game did not mention what revenge, if this is a very common game, <a href="">Nfl jerseys china</a>,they do not have any expression in the media when revenge or kill the opponent's, but these animals are shown in the field the competitive state and death-defying extent has it all.

When did you ever seen Deco this guy will play with diving diving header in front of? That the game Braga person very lucky when a witness. In the opening less than five minutes. The Brazilian Braga team in front in such a way for Porto opened the scoring.

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