Adverbs with example sentences


An adverb modifies or adds to the meaning of a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Type of adverb


Adverbs of frequency (how often)

Ever, never, often, always, usually, frequently, sometimes, daily, weekly.

Adverbs of place (where)

Here, there, everywhere, nowhere, home, abroad, ahead, left, right, straight, away.

Adverbs of manner (how)

Slowly, quickly, fast, carefully, straight, quietly, thoughtfully, majestically

Adverbs of time (when)

Today, after dinner, yesterday, afterwards, already, formerly, early, late, lately, then.

Adverbs of degree (to what extent)

Very, too, full, so, almost, extremely, incredibly, somewhat, quite, indeed, enough

Adverbs of completeness

Nearly, almost


Example sentences:

Do you ever talk to your sister?

I never misbehave with people

I often call my parents to my house

They always visit the mall in Saturday

I usually do exercise at home

They frequently come to the academy

I sometimes think about your problems

He daily takes bath

They weekly read the magazine

There is a big problem here

Are you going to go there?

I can see people everywhere

I can nowhere see my car perhaps it is stolen

I want to go home

They want to complete their studies abroad

I want you to stop at the museum which ahead

The clinic is left to your house

The vacant plot is right next to you college

Go straight and you will find your destination

I want everyone to go away

They performed the task very slowly

I quickly ran towards my class

The cars moved really fast

You should try to do your homework carefully

Let me get this straight

Jack entered the room quietly

They decided to solve the problem thoughtfully

The place was decorated majestically

I think I will call you today

They are planning to watch a movie after dinner

They called me yesterday

We will try to complete the work afterwards

I have already started liking her

Formerly women were treated as slaves

He always wakes up early in the morning

You have again submitted the assignment late

I have lately decided to behave properly with my cousins

What have you decided then?

I am very happy today

You are too cute

That place is full of idiots

You have made me so happy today

I almost done with my work

That place is extremely beautiful

The mall was incredibly beautiful

I somewhat confused on your behavior

They are quite sophisticated

You have indeed shown that you are not capable of doing anything

You have done enough damage already

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